• Interview:'Superfly's' Director X and Trevor Jackson

    Interview:'Superfly's' Director X and Trevor Jackson

  • Interview: John Travolta & Kelly Preston On Playing The Gotti's.

    Interview: John Travolta & Kelly Preston On Playing The Gotti's.

  • 'Incredibles 2' Interview: Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Bush, Bob Odenkirk

    'Incredibles 2' Interview: Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Bush, Bob Odenkirk

  • New Movie and TV Trailers

    New Movie and TV Trailers

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Exclusive: Inside the Walt Disney Animation Library and Original Pinocchio Drawings

Walt Disney Pinnochio Vaults animation library

CineMovie got the rare chance to tour the Walt Disney Animation Research Library for a chance to see original drawings and concept art used in Disney's classic film, PINOCCHIO. PINOCCHIO comes to Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD for the first time January 31, and Disney scoured the vaults for original and deleted scenes from the classic movie.. Fox Carney, the Manager Research of the Animation Research Library, explains the artistry and stories behind original PINOCCHIO artwork housed at the Glendale, CA facility. Watch video below.

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'Ocean's 8' Starts Production: First Look Photo

Oceans 8 first look cast photo

The ladies got this.

Sandra Bullock leads the pack along with Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter in OCEAN'S 8, and we’re seeing a first look at the women in a first look picture that marks the start of production.

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New 'Lowriders' Movie Trailer Starring Demian Bichir, Eva Longoria, Gabriel Chavarria

Lowriders Gabriel Chavarria Demian Bechir

LOWRIDERS is set against the vibrant backdrop of East LA’s near-spiritual car culture and follows the story of Danny (Chavarria), a talented young street artist caught between the lowrider world inhabited by his old-school father (Bichir) and ex-con brother (Rossi), and the adrenaline-fueled outlet that defines his self-expression.

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Walt Disney Historian Talks Behind the Scenes of 'Pinocchio' and Love of Latin America

Walt Disney Pinocchio

PINOCCHIO comes to Blu-ray and DVD on January 31st, and CineMovie was one of the lucky few to visit the Disney Animation Library and see the original drawings for PINOCCHIO. Film historian and author J.B. Kaufman gives us insight into where PINOCCHIO ranks among Walt Disney animated films and little known details about Walt Disney like his interest in Latino culture.

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Gente-Fied Creator and Director Marvin Lemus Premieres Series at Sundance

 America Ferrera Gente fied

As this year’s award season proves, Latinos are not represented on television and movies in large numbers or as leads, but creator and director Marvin Lemus is hoping to turn things around with his new bilingual comedy series, GENTE-FIED starring America Ferrera. The show premiered at Sundance this year, and Lemus tells CineMovie his motivation for creating the series which is also executive produced by Ferrera.  

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'Arrival' Director Denis Villeneuve Honored For Academy Award Nominations But ‘Sad’ Amy Adams Wasn’t Nominated

Denis Villeneuve Amy Adams on set of Arrival

ARRIVAL landed 8 Academy Award nominations Tuesday morning for Best Director, Best Feature, Best Adapted Screenplay and other behind the scenes crew, but the lead actress Amy Adams was snubbed in the Best Actress category. We agree with director Denis Villeneuve that Amy Adams was the core of the film and deserved to be honored in the category. Here’s what Villeneuve had to say about his nomination and Adams snub shortly after the announcement. His nominated crew members also released reactions to their nominations.

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Are The New 'Power Rangers' Outfits Sexist?

Power Rangers 2016 Costumes2

It seems the ladies’ Power Rangers costume come with a built in bra. In the latest trailer and new images for the movie adaptation, it is clear the Power Rangers outfits are gender specific. If the women have breast plates, do their male counterparts have dick cups?

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