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'You Should Have Left' New Movie Poster and Trailer

Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried star in the psychological thriller, YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT. The new trailer is certainly a scary one with shadows providing most of the fright, and the writer/director behind the lens gives us hope it'll be a good one. Watch the new trailer and check out the new poster.

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'Shirley' Star Odessa Young On Her Intimate Scenes with Logan Lerman

Odessa Young (ASSASINATION NATION, A MILLION LITTLE PIECES) stars as Logan Lerman's wife in the new Hulu movie, SHIRLEY. The Australian actress talks to CineMovie about her intimate scenes with Lerman and how his sweet nature helped her get through her first nude scenes. SHIRLEY, now streaming on Hulu, stars Elisabeth Moss as renowned horror writer Shirley Jackson. 

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New Trailer: 'Imagining the Indian' Documentary Tackles Native American Mascoting

In the wake of George Floyd's death and the Black Lives Matter protests, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell finally acknowledged the movement that inspired taking a knee at football games. However, the controversial issue of using Native Indian slur as a team name has not been addressed. A new documentary currently in production tackles the subject matter. While the documentary is still in production, the filmmakers have released a trailer as the discussion of racial inequalities ramps up. Watch the trailer and read full announcement.

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How Actor/Singer Rodrigo Massa is Dealing with Hollywood Coming to a Halt

 Rodrigo Massa Actor Singer

Actor and singer Rodrigo Massa was about to drop his sophomoric album, "La Fiesta" when the world came a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can catch the Brazilian native now on Netflix's "El Dragon, Return of the Warrior" season 1 and 2 but his next gig as an actor is uncertain. The actor tells CineMovie how he's tackling the tumultuous times and why he skipped moving to Hollywood and straight to Canada for a Tinseltown career.

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Black Lives Matter Education: Free Screening Of 'Just Mercy' Starring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx

Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx from Just Mercy

Warner Bros. announced Monday their movie JUST MERCY will be available on all platforms for the month of June as part of the discussion around systemic racism and the black lives matter movement.  The movie starring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson is based on the true story of a wrongly accused black man on death row who was later acquitted thanks to activist lawyer Bryan Stevenson.  JUST MERCY is a compelling film that should anger everyone over the social inustice the judicial system enacts on black men too often. 

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Mauricio Ochmann Entrevista: 'Vive La Vida Como Si Fueran Tus Ultimos Días'

Mauricio Ochmann interpreta a Francisco “Franco” Barrón, un hombre con una vida mediocre cuya realidad se ve alterada frente a un inminente diagnóstico de muerte que le asignan por error en la nueva serie, R en Pantaya. Hablamos con el actor Mexicano por Zoom sobre su nueva seria y como esta su familia durante la quarantina. 

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