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    Harrison Ford Interview

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    'Downhill' Star Zoe Chao Interview

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    Interview: 'Downhill' Movie Directors

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Slots Based on Movies? Yes, That's a Thing

joker heath ledger the dark knight

Here at Cinemovie we like to experience blockbuster films on every level, so we got really excited when we came across an entire collection of new games based on movies that we had never seen before. Fans of online casinos are sure to think we're seriously behind the times, but since we tend to focus on movies rather than games we had never come across this phenomenon of slots based on movies before. That's right: officially licensed online slots based on cinematic hits, some of which you can play for free. Of course, we would never share any games that weren't worth their salt, so we decided to take a look at four of the slots we came across based on our favorite movies. Here's what we found.

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'24: Legacy's' Dan Bucatinsky Talks Diversity and Representing LGBT Community

Dan Bucatisnsky 24 Legacy

Dan Bucatinsky returns from the dead after being killed off on ABC's SCANDAL, and he is now starring in FOX's 24: LEGACY. On the 24 reboot, Dan plays Andy, a CTU computer expert, who also sees some action in the field. Like in SCANDAL, Dan plays a gay character, but it's not woven into the storyline. The actor who hails from Argentinian parents explains why his parents made him speak Spanish as a child, and how 24: LEGACY is advancing the diversity issue. Add a comment

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New 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Trailer Will Make You Want To Cry

Transformers The Last Knight trailer

The new preview to Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT is action-packed and emotional. Not only is Optimus Prime the villain, but he's seen killing my favorite Transformers - Bumblebee. Be ready to with some tissues. The new trailer also reveals a Megan Fox-looking actress as the eye candy in this installment (Michael Bay requirement).

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