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    Watch: Ginnifer Goodwin Doesn't Like Shows She's In Until Now

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New 'Power Rangers' Teaser Trailer Sets Up New Rangers

Power Rangers teaser Trailer

First look at the new and improved POWER RANGERS has arrived with a teaser trailer released at New York’s Comic Con. The Saban movie introduces the new rangers and reveals how the new kids on the block got their powers, but don’t expect to see them in their Power Ranger costumes in this teaser trailer yet.

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'Masterminds' Director Jared Hess On Why He Wanted Less Raunch and More Physical Comedy

 Masterminds Jared Hess Interview

When you have comedy masterminds like Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, SNL alums Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and current SNL member Kate McKinnon starring in the dark comedy, MASTERMINDS, you expect a rated-R movie, but director Jared Hess (NACHO LIBRE, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) made the decision to tell the true story of a heist gone haywire as a PG-13 film.

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Pongalo Executive Jorge Granier Talks New Spanish Streaming Service

Pongalo Jorge Granier

New streaming service Pongalo has launched in the United States targeting Spanish-speaking audiences with over 10,000 hours of Spanish programming including the original Spanish series that inspired Jane the Virgin starring Gina Rodriguez. CineMovie spoke with Pongalo CEO Jorge Granier about the new service and why Latinos are in need of Spanish programming.

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