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'Black Mirror' Season 5 Brings Big Names But Is That What Fans Want?

BLACK MIRROR, British series has been taken over by Hollywood. The trailer for season 5 has arrived with Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie headlining their own episode, and only three episodes this go around. While the series has often starred Hollywood names like Jon Hamm, Bryce Dallas Howard and Rosemarie DeWitt, the actors are often not publicized to give a surprise element to the show. For the most part, some of the best BLACK MIRROR episodes feature unknown to us Yanks. Most online fans are complaining they don't need A-listers to attract them to the show, but they'll be there to watch regardless.

Sherlock villain Andrew Scott also appears in a new season of BLACK MIRROR. BLACK MIRROR continues to focus on how humans use technology and his character seems to go off the deep end because of our obession with our smart phone. 

BLACK MIRROR season 5 premieres June 5th. 


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