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MOVIE 43 Reviews


How did they get so many movie stars to appear in a seemingly B-movie style film titled MOVIE 43?  Did you see the film?  Rate it below.

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10 Box Office Turkeys

Box Office Movie Turkeys

Thanksgiving's long weekend launches the box office race during the holiday season, but not all holiday-timed movies faired well during the festivities.  Check out 10 all-time box office turkeys that ran a-fowl.

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2012 Alma Awards Complete Nominee List


2012's Alma Awards will be a star-studded affair of the hottest Latinos in music, film and television. This year fans decide the winners through online voting. By the looks of the nominee list, Latinos had much more impact in the media than in previous years. Add a comment

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New App: Be Part Of Bourne Legacy Trailer


THE BOURNE LEGACY introduces a new operative - YOU.   A new BOURNE LEGACY Facebook app allows users to become part of the trailer using your profile image and pictures of your friends. So you if you ever wanted to have your own movie trailer, this is the app for you. Add a comment

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The Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) launches the “The Lorax Pledge Drive," partnering with Universal Pictures home release of DR. SEUSS' THE LORAX and Energy Star to educate American youth about energy-saving alternatives.


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