• Exclusive: Transformers 7 Deets Revealed

    Exclusive: Transformers 7 Deets Revealed

  • Luca's Jack Dylan Grazer & Jacob Tremblay

    Luca's Jack Dylan Grazer & Jacob Tremblay

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  • Robert Duvall Interview

    Robert Duvall Interview

  • Chris Pratt & Costars On Scary Stunts

    Chris Pratt & Costars On Scary Stunts

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  • Luke Wilson Interview

    Luke Wilson Interview

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Commentary Commentary

Oliver Stone on Salma Hayek: "She's Tough"

Oliver Stone on Salma Hayek image interview

Fifteen years ago, Salma Hayek called Oliver Stone "a son of a b**** and he never forgot it.  When it came to casting Elena, the female drug cartel kingpin a decade and a half later for his new movie SAVAGES, he knew she was "the one" to play one of the villains. Add a comment

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INTERVIEW: Julianne Hough Gets 'Kicked' In Her Country For ROCK OF AGES


To play an 80s rock singer in ROCK OF AGES, Julianne Hough had to leave her country roots behind to rock n' roll with Tom Cruise.  Director Adam Shankman joked he had to "kick her in her country" to transform her into a rocker.  Watch the funny exchange between the director and actress as they take the joke a lot further. 

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Interview with 'Paranormal Activity' Creator Oren Peli On Creating 'Chernobyl Diaries'


Paranormal Activity creator and CHERNOBYL DIARIES writer/producer compares his scare tactic-style to sitting in a dentist's chair anticipating the long needle penetrating your gums. The Israeli-born filmmaker also tells CineMovie, the crew considered shooting CHERNOBYL DIARIES on location at the nuclear disaster zone.

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES New Poster: Apocalyptic Finale?


Judging by the new THE DARK KNIGHT RISES poster, the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy will not be a happy one.  Batman, in a ripped bat suit, hangs his head low as Gotham burns to ashes around him with the tagline "A Fire Will Rise."  Is an apocalypse coming to Gotham?  

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PROMETHEUS Gaming Site Launches


Do you got what it takes to go on an outer space exploration? 20th Century Fox are pulling all the stops for Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS with a new gaming site that test your abilities to become part of the Prometheus crew.

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