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PROM Director Defends Romantic Look At High School Life

Prom director Joe NussbaumDisney's PROM may be a romantic look at high school lives in a sanitized version but director Joe Nussbaum defends the PG film against going the SuperBad route.

Don't expect a movie titled PROM to lead to raunchy teen antics. Instead the coming of age story from Walt Disney Pictures is more akin to their successful High School Musical franchise...without the music.  

At a press conference with the director and stars of PROM, director Joe Nussbaum, whose best known for his short film George Lucas in Love, gave his reason why PROM is as equally relevant as some of the other high-profiled films that address a racier side of teen life. "There are certain things we didn't touch in this film. But I think there is an overbundancy
of things that we did explore that's truthful about high school that makes it representative of high school experience."

In PROM, several intersecting stories unfold at one high school leading up to prom night.  Some plan the perfect night while others must find a date to the most important night in their high school lives.

Joe Nussbaum chose PROM because he was wanting to direct a high school movie. The Sydney White director names American Graffiti as his favorite film about high school. PROM stars Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell, Yin Chang and De'Vaughn Nixon count many 80s classic as their favorites such as Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Say Anything. Those films seemed innocent enough for those times but films like Caddy Shack and Fast Times At Ridgemont High certainly changed the course for teen comedies.

In PROM, the high school teens don't spend time texting on cell phones, surfing the net, or speaking in slang. PROM producer Justin Springer made a conscious decision to make this film
"less glossy" than other teen angst film.  "This wasn't meant to be slick and super produced," said the producer. The PROM director also added that was also the reason for casting "new faces" in the roles of the teens.

While most critics will say PROM is not an accurate portrayal of modern high school life, Joe Nussbaum says that shouldn't detract from the message of the film. "We didn't pretend that
those things weren't happening. We just didn't show it in the film... obviously because  we're making a Disney film but I don't think it makes the film any less truthful."

Nicholas Braun in Prom

Producer Justin Springer said the idea for the film wasn't to make it racy but to tell a story about "being truthfull to yourself and not to social norms."  Actor Nicholas Braun who plays the lovelorn Lloyd offers up another message audiences can take away from PROM. "It's not the end of the world to get rejected. It's worth taking the leap for."

PROM is in theaters April 29.

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Interview: Morgan Freeman Narrates 'Born To Be Wild 3D' For A Cause

Morgan Freeman Interview for Born To Be Wild

Morgan Freeman is not only a great actor but his voice is one of the most sought after for narration. Morgan picks projects to narrate based on certain criteria and the wild life documentary BORN TO BE WILD 3D was one he deemed necessary and important.  In our interview, he cautions humans might be the dinosaurs not the animals left orphaned and homeless because of our needs.

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Interview: Luis Guzman Is Robin To Russell Brand's Batman

Luis Guzman in Robin costume for ARTHUR

Luis Guzman is proud of many things but driving the Batmobile in Arthur, his latest film, is certainly a highlight in his thirty-year acting career.

Luis Guzman may not be a household Hollywood name but you know his face from high profile films such as Traffic, Out of Sight, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and on HBO's "How To Make It In America".

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Interview: Spanish Actress Paz Vega Takes On Action Role in CAT RUN


Spanish actress Paz Vega made the transition to Hollywood with her English debut in Spanglish (2004) opposite Adam Sandler.  Now the Spanish beauty has another first in Hollywood with her first action thriller CAT RUN and CineMovie sits down with the actress to talk about her most physical role to date and her Hollywood career as an international star.   

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