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Tips On Mastering A Horror Scream

It's Halloween time which means another SAW movie has hit movie theaters.  SAW VI opened October 23rd to rave screams and Halloween weekend promises more box office candy for the LionsGate horror franchise.

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One of Jigsaw's victim Tanedra Howard stars in the film after winning the role on VH-1's reality series Scream Queen in which 10 unknown actress competed for the title of Scream Queen.  SAW actress Shawnee Smith was a mentor on the show. 

CineMovie sat down with the crowned "Scream Queen" Tanedra Howard at Universal Hollywood Horror Night's SAW maze to give us tips on mastering a chilling howl -- just in time for Halloween.

Jigsaw's Tobin Bell and Costas Mandylo Interview: Tips To Playing Movie Villains 


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Director James McTeigue On Shooting A Ninja Movie

Director James McTeigue helms his second motion picture NINJA ASSASSIN starring Korean pop star Rain (Speed Racer).  

INTERVIEW: Rain Speaks Out On Megan Fox Crush 

CineMovie sat down with the director and his leading Ninja to talk about the high flying action and martial arts he undertook in this story about ninja assassins.  McTeigue discusses how many cameras he used in the fight scenes, the different combination of martial arts Rain trained for and the use of acrobatics to achieve the ninja moves without the use of wires and CGI.


In NINJA ASSASSIN, flying decapitated limbs and buckets of blood give the epic spartan movie 300 a run for it's money but the director claims his ninja movie has more.  Watch the interview above.

Watch NINJA ASSASSIN movie trailer 

More on Director James McTeigue:

JAMES McTEIGUE (Director) has more than 20 years of experience in the film industry. He is next set to direct "The Raven," a fictionalized account of Edgar Allen Poe's final days.

As a boy in Sydney, McTeigue was exposed to a variety of world cinema and television and was heavily influenced by ninja television shows like "Shintaro" and "Phantom Agents," and by films such as "Shinobi No Mono." He graduated from Sydney University, where he studied art and film.

McTeigue made his directorial debut helming the iconoclastic screen adaptation of the graphic novel "V for Vendetta." McTeigue came to the project through his relationship with the Wachowski brothers, for whom he served as the assistant director on all three "Matrix" films. His other previous film credits as an assistant director include "Speed Racer" and "Dark City."

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VIDEO: Susan Sarandon On Handling Emotional Characters

Academy-Award© winning actress Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise, Rocky Horror Picture Show) has played her fair share of emotional characters on screen.  The four-time Oscar nominated actress tells CineMovie her tips to handling challenging roles which doesn't include method-acting for this talented actress.  Fans review THE LOVELY BONES

Susan Sarandon in THE LOVELY BONES

In Peter Jackson's THE LOVELY BONES, the Bill Durham (Kevin Costner) star plays the unconventional Grandma Lynn. In the adaptation of Alice Sebold's best selling novel, Susie Salmon is murdered by Stanley Tucci's Mr. Harvey in 1973 on her way home.  Her mother (Rachel Weisz) and father (Mark Wahlberg) mourn the loss of their daughter.  While some actors in THE LOVELY BONES couldn't leave their emotions behind on set, Susan Sarandon has figured out how to handle those difficult days on set.

INTERVIEW: Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, and Stanley Tucci Handled Their Roles Differently

Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Louise, The Rocky Horror Picture Show) probably had the easiest time on set as the unconventional Grandma Lynn.  As the boozing and serial smoker granny, the Dead Man Walking star admitted she had "fun" playing the character responsible for the comic relief in THE LOVELY BONES.   Having played a grieving mother in Lorenzo's Oil, Sarandon was more than happy to take the job that had her "once removed" said the Thelma & Louise actress.  "My function within the bigger picture was to be hilarious.  It was great not dealing with what this poor gal (Rachel) and Mark had to do.  I've been there and lost many a child on celluloid."

Sarandon was not without challenges in THE LOVELY BONES.  Her only worry was not playing Grandma Lynn as a caricature but as a real person.

Sarandon describes how she tackles emotional days on set in the video above.

THE LOVELY BONES expands into movie theaters January 15, 2010.

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Golden Globes: What You Didn't See On TV

Millions of television viewers watched James Cameron and his mega blockbuster Avatar, Inglourious Basterds' Christop Waltz, Meryl Streep (Julie & Julia), Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) and Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart) were some of the few who took home a Golden Globe statue Sunday night.  But what went on behind the scenes.  CineMovie has the scoop on what went on inside the Beverly  Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills from some of the celebrities who attended the 2010 ceremony as they headed into The Weinstein Co. afterparty.   

The Weinstein Co. hosted the party at the Beverly Hilton's Bar 210 & Plush Ultra Lounge for their nominees and winners for their films Nine, Inglourious Basterds, and A Single Man after the televised 2010 Golden Globes.  Among the guests were Fergie and Transformer's Josh Duhamel, Twilight's Taylor Lautner, Ice Age's John Leguizamo, Matt Damon, Colin Firth, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Mickey Rourke, Daniel Day-Lewis, Julianne Moore, Marion Cotillard, and Nine director Rob Marshall.  

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Kiss & Tell: Cop Out Star Ana de la Reguera

Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera comes clean on her COP OUT co-stars Bruce Willis (Die Hard) and Tracy Morgan (30 Rock). 

VIDEO: Watch a COP OUT movie clip

The beautiful actress debut to American audiences in 2006's Nacho Libre as Jack Black's love interest, Sister Encarnacion.  Now the Mexican native dishes on her unscripted kissing scene with Tracy Morgan and why Bruce Willis put her up to it.  Plus she gives us insight into how she prepares for kissing scenes especially for her Lipton tea commercial shoot in which she makes out with the wolverine himself Hugh Jackman.

Ana also fills CineMovie in on the Die Hard star on set antics. 

VIDEO: Movie Trailer

COP OUT is in theaters February 26th. 



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Acting 101 With Andy Garcia

  Andy Garcia (Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, The Godfather: Part III) stars in CITY ISLAND, a tale of a dysfunctional family in the outskirts of New York City.  The veteran actor stars with newcomer Steven Straight (10,000 BC) who tells CineMovie.TV he learned a lot from watching The Untouchables star on set.

Andy Garcia also reveals to CineMovie.TV what it takes to become an actor and grow into a good actor which is the same advice he offers his aspiring actor daughters.  His daughter Dominik Garcia-Lorido stars as his on screen daughter.  Watch our interview with the men of CITY ISLAND.

Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife, ER), and Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) also star in the film.

Winner of the Audience Award at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, City Island spins a web of misrepresentations, misinterpretations, and misunderstandings into a smart and charming comedy about family that stops at nothing to avoid the truth.

Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife, ER), Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Andy Garcia's  daughter Dominik Garcia-Lorido also star in the film.

CITY ISLAND opens in limited release in New York and Los Angeles March 19.

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Oscar Nominee's Advice On Writing / Directing

THE BURNING PLAIN starring Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger, is the directorial debut of Oscar-nominated screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga. Having proven himself with his complex, emotional and provocative stories in Babel (Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett), 21 Grams (Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro), and Amores Perros (Gael Garcia Berrnal) with director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu and his script for actor/director Tommy Lee Jones' The Three Burials of Melquidas Estrada (January Jones, Dwight Yoakum, Arriaga turned to directing his first feature-length film. 

Read Movie Review of The Burning Plain

Transitioning from screenwriter to director was a natural move for the talented writer who sat down with CineMovie to discuss what it takes to be a writer and director.  The writer/director is also a college professor and provides insightful advice and lessons for the next generation of filmmakers.  Watch the interview above

THE BURNING PLAIN open August 18th in movie theaters with simultaneous release on VOD and Amazon.

Movie Synopsis

THE BURNING PLAIN, a romantic mystery about a woman on the edge who takes an emotional journey back to the defining moment of her life. Oscar-winner Charlize Theron plays Sylvia, a beautiful restaurant manager whose cool, professional demeanor masks the sexually charged storm within. When a stranger from Mexico confronts her with her mysterious past, Sylvia is launched into a journey through space and time that inextricably connects her to these disparate characters, all of whom are grappling with their own romantic destinies.

In Mexico, a young motherless girl, Maria (Tessa Ia), lives happily with her father and his best friend until a tragic accident changes it all. In the New Mexico border town of Las Cruces, two teenagers, Mariana (Jennifer Lawrence) and Santiago (JD Pardo), find love in the aftermath of their parents’ sudden deaths. In an abandoned trailer, a housewife, Gina (Oscar-winner Kim Basinger), embarks on a passionate affair that will put Sylvia and the others on a collision course with the explosive power of forbidden love.

From 2929 Productions (Good Night and Good Luck, We Own the Night), the film was produced by Walter Parkes and Laurie Macdonald (Catch Me If You Can, Sweeney Todd) and executive produced by Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Marc Butan, and Ray Angelic.

Starring:   CHARLIZE THERON, JOHN CORBETT, Kim Basinger, Tessa Ia, Jennifer Lawrence, JD Pardo
Screenplay By:   Guillermo Arriaga
Directed By:       Guillermo Arriaga

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Bollywood Meets Hollywood: KITES

Bollywood has come to Hollywood in the new romantic saga KITES starring Mexican aktress Barbara Mori (La Mujer De Mi Hermano) who starred in the highest Mexican soap Rubi and India's Brad Pitt - Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan

KITES is a story of passion that defies every rule, of a relationship that takes two lovers on a thrilling journey filled with precious moments - and unexpected betrayal.  Shot in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Santa Fe, KITES is one of the biggest films ever produced in India.

The sexy Mexican actress sat down with CineMovie and tells us what attracted her to the Indian produced film and working with the Bollywood cast and crew.  

KITES is in theaters May 21st.

BOX OFFICE:  KITES is the first Indian produced film to break into the top 10 movies at the U.S. box office for the weekend of May 21st through May 23rd.    

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INTERVIEW: Josh Brolin Defends Megan Fox

Josh Brolin's JONAH HEX co-star Megan Fox has been outspoken about Hollywood and director Michael Bay which may have cost her return to the third Transformers movie starring Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel.  Josh Brolin admired the "rebellious" actress and cast her as Jonah Hex's leading lady in the comic book western adaptation opening June 18.  

Watch JONAH HEX Trailer

In a press conference with Josh Brolin and Megan Fox in Beverly Hills, Josh defended his co-star's rebelliousness and CineMovie has the audio from the press conference as well as Megan's response to Josh's comments.  

Listen to the interview above or read below. 

VIDEO: Korean Star Rain On Megan Fox Crush 

Megan Fox and Josh Brollin Interview

JOSH: However Megan was perceived, I liked the idea of giving somebody - even though this is a kind of an absurd ridiculous escapist film - the opportunity like someone gave me in saying "hey we can go a little further with the acting here.  Even though we made it fun, Megan did a lot of different takes where she's crying, not crying. There some of a dialect there and bucolic dialect.  But when I read some of these articles that she had done and was kind of acerbic and rebellious she could be - I wanted to see how real that was.  
Nobody can handle that kind of fame that fast at 22 years old and I thought she was handling it really well. I just wanted to see she was the real deal.  I wanted to see if she could go head to head with John and hold her own.  There's definitely a truck driver mentality there. 

MEGAN: I think it's wonderful what they're saying it and I'm humbled by their comments.
People who are famous and make it to this level of fame for whatever reason whether it'd deserved or not - you have to be a strong person to survive it because it is very difficult to be under the microscope every moment of every day.  Everything that leaves your mouth becomes this sensationalized newstory no matter what your intentions were when you said it. It becomes overwhelming but am I that rebellious?  Of course I think there are many sides to me who I am in my personality. The only thing that is rebellious about me is that I don't really have any fears as far as this industry is concerned that maybe other people are afraid to do or say.  In my personal life, I am actually very responsible with my personal relationships and things like that. 

JOSH:  Rebellion could be holding on to your own integrity of not playing into the idea of this sensationalizing.  We all have our moments.  and that's your guy's job to take those moments and turgid - gaseous and make it big.  It's bigger than the person is.  And when you start believing your own press that's when it gets really sad. But that's part of the rebellion that I responded because she is still her.  She's still very grounded.

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INTERVIEW: Co-Directing Tips With Mark and Jay Duplass

Director-writers Mark and Jay Duplass direct Marissa Tomei, Jonah Hill, and John C. Reilly in the unconventional romantik dramedy - CYRUS.  Since their attention-grabbing debut at Sundance with their first feature film The Puffy Chair, the brother directing team remain faithful to their style of low-budget filmmaking and improvisational techniques with their mainstream film CYRUS.

Directors Mark and Jay Duplass on set of CYRUSCineMovie sat down with the sibling filmmakers to find out 5 successful tips to co-directing a movie production, why they shoot on video and keeping things 'real' without the traditional coverage and marks.

The brother team first came to the attention of producer Michael Costigan at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, where he saw their $15,000 feature debut, The Puffy Chair. Mark and Jay Duplass impressed many in Hollywood went on to direct their second feature film Baghead in 2008. 

Marke and Jay Duplass' Co-Directing Tips

1. Two Heads Are Better Than One

2. Use Breath Mints

3. Keep Actors Surprised

4. Good Cop, Bad Cop

5. The Back-Up Plan

About CYRUS:
With John's social life at a standstill and his ex-wife about to get remarried, a down on his luck divorcee finally meets the woman of his dreams, only to discover she has another man in her life - her son.

Still single seven years after the breakup of his marriage, John (John C. Reilly) has all but given up on romance. But at the urging of his ex-wife and best friend Jamie (Catherine Keener), John grudgingly agrees to join her and her fiancé Tim (Matt Walsh) at a party. To his and everyone else’s surprise, he actually manages to meet someone: the gorgeous and spirited Molly (Marisa Tomei).

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INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Not A Twilight Fan?

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight EclipseTWILIGHT fansk may obsess over Robert Pattinson but the heartthrob actor isn't sharing the same enthusiasm for the TWILIGHT franchise.

As Robert Pattinson tours the world promoting ECLIPSE - the latest movie in the TWILIGHT Saga - Robert revealed a couple of surprising facts: he only just recently saw TWILIGHT, he hasn't read the "Breaking Dawn" novel, and he was the last to know about Breaking Dawn being two movies. 

INTERVIEW: Kristen Stewart On Marriage & Her Vote For Best Kiss

The actor who got his first big break playing Cedric Diggory in another popular novel turned movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) mentioned at a recent press conference in Beverly Hills that he hadn't seen the first TWILIGHT movie aside from when he did the DVD commentary with Kristen Stewart and director Catherine Hardwicke.   "I just saw Twilight on t.v. for the first time a few days ago." according to the actor. 


Robert Pattinson isn't the only actor who prefers not to see themselves on the big screen. Johnny Depp has said many times that he doesn't watch any of his movies.  Robert threw out that tidbit about himself when answering a question about why ECLIPSE is the most accessible film so far.   Robert admitted that after watching the first movie in the TWILIGHT SAGA, he could see the movie wasn't for everyone.  "Now that I've seen it, you kinda do need to read the book to really get it."

The popularity of the TWILIGHT SAGA hasn't inspired Kristen Stewart's rumored boyfriend to delve into Edward Cullen and Bella's future in BREAKING DAWN, the last novel in Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT SAGA.  "I'm quite glad I haven't read it yet.  I just heard some brief rumors about what happens in the story but I don't really know what happens at all."

While some may find it surprising that Robert isn't curious about Edward and Bella's fate, the British actor might have his own strategy up his sleeve (method acting?).  After all, wouldn't we be questioning his sexuality if he did admit to being a fan of the books so popular with teen girls and their mothers?

Or perhaps the busy actor is too busy going from one production (Bel Ami) to another (Water for Elephants) to receive updates on the TWILIGHT SAGA movies that made him famous.  This may have contributed to being the last one to know about the Breaking Dawn novel being split into two films.  "I found out about Breaking Dawn being two films when the press release came out.  I haven't asked anyone about it yet."

Robert's leading lady Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, knew about the Breaking Dawn breakdown for quite some time.  "I had to hold on to this forever.  We all definitely knew it would be two movies forever now.  It was really hard not to say that it's been confirmed" said Stewart. 

Kristen's admission brings into question whether the on-screen duo are really dating off-screen if they weren't on the same page about Breaking Dawn but then again Robert might suffer from memory loss or selective hearing that plague many mortal men.  

While the dating rumors remain a mystery, one sure thing can be said of Robert Pattinson, fans will still pine away for Edward Cullen regardless if he's a fan of the TWILIGHT saga or not.  

TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE is in movie theaters June 30th.

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Twilight Actor Talks Sexy Twilight Moms

Are some Twi-Hard moms hot?

TWILIGHT ECLIPSES' Michael Welsh dishes to CineMovie on Twilight moms and coining the word Twi-Hards for hardcore Twilight fans.

INTERVIEW: Kristen Stewart On Marriage & Her Vote For Best Kiss

CineMovie's Zay Zay caught up with Bella's high school friend in Miami's Gusman Center Performing Arts as part of Summit Entertainments' celebration of the lunar eclipse on the evening of June 26th for a “TWILIGHT Night,” a 12-city event including outdoor screenings of TWILIGHT and THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.

Robert Pattinson Not A Twilight Fan?

During our interview, Michael admits some Twi-Moms do go all out when meeting Twilight talent and admits he has been attacked by one or two Twi-Hard cougars. He also recounts one mom refusing to share her TWILIGHT goodies with her daughter during an autograph session.

Watch 3 Scenes From ECLIPSE 

Michael also talks about how he came up with the word Twi-Hard first and some other favorite words created in the Twilight lexicon.

Watch the interview above for more.

Watch TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE trailer 




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