Interview: Blake Lively on Ryan Reynolds Being Eye Candy in Green Lantern

It's a given that male audiences especially fan boys will flock to see the DC Comic book hero Green Lantern on the big screen. GREEN LANTERN, however, should interest women as well, according to Green Lantern's leading lady Blake Lively.

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Starring in GREEN LANTERN is a dream come true for Blake Lively who has been a fan of  comic book based movies since her childhood days. "I grew up always a fan of these comic  films and I would come out wanting to fly and kick someone's butt," she said at a recent  press conference in Beverly Hills. "Never have I seen a film where I'm able to watch it  somewhat objectively, and I was surprised throughout the film and cheering."

As with most Hollywood action movies, there must be a leading lady for the hero. In GREEN LANTERN, its no different. The Gossip Girl star plays the love interest to Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan, but Blake Lively's character Carol is on equal ground as her leading man. Carol is an equally skilled fighter pilot like Hal Jordan, and a top executive running her father's aviation company. As Hal Jordan's boss, Carol stands up to the cocky pilot and puts him in his place. Carol even saves Green Lantern from the villaneous Parallax at one point.

"I think Carol is very unique in this genre.  She's an incredibly powerful woman. It's  rare to see such strong women existing as equals amongst men in film.  Especially in this genre," according to Blake.

Green Lantern Movie Stills: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Images

Green Lantern's Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake added that she has always been attracted by strong women roles but she wishes that sort of female part was portrayed more often on film. "It's so nice to see a women fighter pilot up there flying this plane. Women have always been strong and standing behind  the heroic man but it's a new idea to see it more on film. I think women will appreciate that."

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And if women don't care about that sort of thing, the GREEN LANTERN star suggested they might be interested in seeing Ryan Reynolds chiseled body on display. "Ryan is half-naked for a good part of the film."  A bashful Ryan Reynolds responded to Blake's comments during the press conference.  "It all just went downhill."

Kidding aside, Blake Lively feels GREEN LANTERN has something for everyone and anyone seeing the film will be "transported to another world for two hours."  

GREEN LANTERN is in movie theaters June 17, 2011.



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