I Am Number Four Director DJ Caruso Gives Tips To Directing Action Scenes

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Director DJ Caruso I AM NUMBER FOUR, produced by Michael Bay (Transformers franchise) and starring Glee's Dianna Agron, Timothy Olyphant, and Alex Pettyfer, is a sci-fi adventure about an alien teen with super powers on the run from a deadly enemy.  Director DJ Caruso  pointed out in a virtual roundtable recently that "blending visual effects with a teenage drama" proved the most challenging in I AM NUMBER FOUR.  As a storyteller, Caruso doesn't "allow the effects to overtake the characters."  

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Here are three more tips from DJ Caruso on directing action scenes.

1. No matter how good the stunt is, if the camera is in the wrong place, you'll never fully appreciate it.

2. Action with incident is more involving for the viewer. Action needs to advance the story.

3. When action has a visual effects element, make sure that practical destruction happens within the frame. This blends better than all CGI.

For more with DJ Caruso, visit our Q& A session with the I AM NUMBER FOUR director.

I AM NUMBER FOUR is on DVD and Blu-ray May 24, 2011.

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