Jim Carrey Owes Comedic Roots To Father

Jim Carrey was anointed The Funniest M.F. of the Year at Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards Saturday.  When he accepted his prize at the Award Show, he explained to the crowd that all comedy comes from pain. He then proceeded to share with the audience, accompanied by a violin, the sordid tale of his own traumatic youth and how it led him to become a comic genius. His performance was polished, precise, crude and easily the funniest speech of the night. You know you’re a hit when other people reference you for the rest of the program.

But just the day before, the PG version of Jim Carrey appeared at a press conference to promote his latest family film MR. POPPERS PENGUINS. Jim Carrey revealed his true source of his comedic roots and the steps that lead him to become a comic icon, “I find I’m still doing things and little tricks and fun things that I created when I was ten years old. All of it comes into play. And the play that you do when you’re a kid is so super important.”

When asked about his stand up beginnings Jim Carrey revealed, “It certainly makes you more comfortable with yourself, comfortable being creative in the moment. I used to think of stand up as training, going up night after night without a plan at The Comedy Store," said the comedian who got his start on In Living Color. "Two-thirds of the time people would throw chairs at me and a third of the time there would be a flow that was really kind of God given and it made you feel lucky to be a part of.”

Jim Carrey’s improv skills and his ability to create on the spot really helped him for his role as Mr. Popper in MR. POPPERS PENGUINS. “When working with the penguins you can have a plan but they’re going do what they’re going to do, so you have to be on your feet.”  Director Mark Waters shared that a lot of the things that happened in the film came from Jim and the actual penguins themselves. Working with them was total chaos and Jim was great with them. All his skills as an entertainer came into play.


When Jim Carrey was asked what he would be if he hadn’t become an actor he replied, “Since the very beginning I looked at my father and he was commanding the room. Every time we had people over he stood in the middle of the room and people were just astounded at his creativity and his animation when he told a story. There was no choice for me, that’s how I’m going to get over in the world. I want to be that guy!”

The very next night Jim Carrey visited the MTV Movie awards and commanded attention just like his ol’ dad. As the most nominated actor in MTV Award history he can always be counted on for doing something outrageous.

Luckily for parents he does know how to tone it down and in the family-friendly MR. POPPERS PENGUINS.  Just keep an eye on the one they call Stinky.

MR. POPPERS PENGUINS is in movie theaters June 17, 2011.

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