Interview: Russell Brand Disappointed With Batmobile

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In the remake to the Dudley Moore classic, Russell Brand is Arthur, a spoiled billionaire who gets his hands on movie collectibles including the Batman and Robin costumes and the Batmobile from Batman & Robin starring George Clooney.  Russell Brand  recently told CineMovie at a press conference, that while he relished being in the Batman suit -- the one with the nipples -- he was disappointed with the actual Batmobile's interior.

"The actual car, inside, is not as interesting on the interior. It's like a reverse metaphor for the nature of the human soul; the inside was boring. It's a bit scruffy in there.

Luis Guzman in Robin costume for Arthur movieAdding to the awkwardness of being in the Batmobile, according to Russell, was his partner in  crime, Luis Guzman.  Luis' odd comments or  "ideological farts" as Russell described it, threw  the comedian off right before the director yelled 'action.'   However, he was happy to wear George Clooney's famous nipple Batman suit and hoped a little bit of the Ocean's Eleven star wore off on him.  

"I enjoyed wearing the suit because it had Clooney musk in it.  It had the aroma, the pheromones of George Clooney and I'd like to think that I may have  absorbed them. I'm certainly feeling a lot more altruistic. If anyone needs help with  anything I'm prepared to help."

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Catch Russell Brand along with Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner in ARTHUR when it opens April 8, 2011 in movie theaters.

Listen to Russell Brand on Batmobile & George Clooney

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