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Film Critics Weekly's Countdown To The Best Films of The Decade

On this week's episode of "Film Critics Weekly" on YouTube's Popcorn Talk, host Scott Menzel invited CineMovie and Desde Hollywood's Nestor Bentancor to discuss our top ten favorite films of the decade. It was an eclectic mix of picks with mainstream, indie and foreign feature films. So if you're looking to add movies to your watch list as the decade wraps up, there are some good choices in this video. If you want to cheat, scroll down below for my 10 picks.

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'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' Movie Review

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Tom Hanks Matthew Rhys movie review 850

Tom Hanks is Mr. Rogers in A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD but he's not the focus of the story. However, you'll leave the movie theater loving Mr. Rogers more after he helps another person overcome their anger. A Mr. Rogers bio pic never materialized but we were happily surprised. Watch my review below. 

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