Tips On Mastering A Horror Scream

It's Halloween time which means another SAW movie has hit movie theaters.  SAW VI opened October 23rd to rave screams and Halloween weekend promises more box office candy for the LionsGate horror franchise.

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One of Jigsaw's victim Tanedra Howard stars in the film after winning the role on VH-1's reality series Scream Queen in which 10 unknown actress competed for the title of Scream Queen.  SAW actress Shawnee Smith was a mentor on the show. 

CineMovie sat down with the crowned "Scream Queen" Tanedra Howard at Universal Hollywood Horror Night's SAW maze to give us tips on mastering a chilling howl -- just in time for Halloween.

Jigsaw's Tobin Bell and Costas Mandylo Interview: Tips To Playing Movie Villains 


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