'Machete' Film Extra Becomes Leading Lady in ALL SHE CAN

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Corina Calderon admits going from an extra with no lines to carrying a whole film in ALL SHE CAN was a difficult transition, she told CineMovie's Pili Montilla.  Directed by first-time feature film director Amy Wendel, ALL SHE CAN tells the story of a Luz (Calderon), a Texas high school student whose only way out of the struggling small town is through power lifting.

For her first lead role, Corina trained with the women’s powerlifting teams at Elgin High School outside Austin and San Diego High School in South Texas. She tells CineMovie director Amy Wendel helped her to overcome her fears of taking on her first speaking role in a film and together they fashioned the character, and tapping into her own personality.

Originally titled Benavides Born, the film went to Sundance earlier this year and signed with Maya Entertainment for distribution. ALL SHE CAN is now playing in the Maya Indie Film Series in Los Angeles and New York.

Corina Calderon began her acting career in Austin, Texas where she trained with Ben Taylor at the Austin Playhouse, and attended workshops with Dan Fauci and Van Brooks at Two Chairs Studio in Austin. Corina played Crystal in Apartment 420, a 2005 feature film by Austin director Ty Perkins and was a featured extra in Robert Rodriguez’s 2010 action film Machete.  Corina is also a trained dancer, specializing in Latin and Hip‐Hop, and a frequent volunteer for Safe Place, a center in Austin for victims of domestic violence.


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