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Can A Transformer Be Built? Interview With A Robotics Expert


There’s a key reason why Transformers: Age of Extinction has grossed over $1 billion dollars worldwide. The answer: kick-ass robots! The CG team continues to take those small toys we used to play with as kids and expand them to that size only our imaginations had once dreamed of. Cinemovie got the opportunity to chat with a robot specialist and consultant on the movie, professor Walter Martinez in his classroom at Cal State Long Beach. 


BIG HERO 6 New Full-Length Movie Trailer


We finally meet the villain in the new trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ BIG HERO 6. Take a look at the new full movie trailer which finally has the plus-sized inflatable robot Bamax and his friends suiting up for action.


Elle Fanning On Playing a Spoiled Brat in BOXTROLLS


Elle Fanning last played the sweet natured and trusting Princess Aurora in the blockbuster Disney fantasy Maleficent, but the 16-year-old actress went the extreme to voice the bratty-type in the stop-motion adventure BOXTROLLS. Fanning reveals how she played a likeable “spoiled brat.”


New Movie Review: Denzel Washington’s THE EQUALIZER

The-Equalizer-Denzel Washington3

Denzel Washington never disappoints as proven with yet another powerful performance in his latest movie. In THE EQUALIZER, he’s so badass that you leave the movie theater wishing The Equalizer was a television series once again so we can watch Washington in action every week.


Liam Neeson Not A Loner Despite Playing Outsiders


Liam Neeson never tires of playing brooding heroes on screen including in his latest thriller A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES, and he credits his fascination with classic American tough guys like Charles Bronson and Steve McQueen in picking those films. But is he anything like these characters?


'Games of Thrones' Star On Being Terrified of 'Boxtrolls' Co-Star


"Games of Thrones’" Isaac Hempstead Wright welcomed the change from the cold and muddy locations of his HBO show for a warm recording booth for his animated role in THE BOXTROLLS. He admits, however, sharing a small booth with his BOXTROLLS co-star Sir Ben Kingsley was a terrifying experience.


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