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Todd Phillips Claims 'Joker: Folie A Deux' Is Not Exactly A Musical But New Trailer Suggests Otherwise

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Todd Phillips Joker 2 movie details

A new JOKER: FOLIE A DEUX trailer dropped after Todd Phillips' appearance at Las Vegas' Cinemacon Tuesday where the trailer debuted. On stage, Phillips addressed whether the Joker sequel is a musical. The answer he provided didn't match the new preview.

Lady Gaga joins Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck's famous love interest, Harley Quinn. The casting suggests Gaga's musical background will come into play given the musical nature of the first two trailers. However, Phillips denied FOLIE A DEUX is a straight-up musical:

"It's a movie where music is an essential element," but it's not exactly a musical."

Phillips elaborated that music plays a big part in Arthur's mind in the 2019 film as exemplified in the staircase scene in the finale. So it's not a stretch that music will play a bigger role in the sequel. The sequel's French title, Folie à Deux translates into "folly of two." The term is also a psychological term for a delusional disorder that is shared by two individuals in the form of hallucinations.

Are Harley and Arthur sharing these musical number delusions? It's most likely a love story between the future DC villains so no doubt there will be tons of poetic moments told in musical fahion or moments like the one we see at the end of the latest trailer where Harley draws a lipstick smile on the prison glass and Arthur fills the red mark with his face to create the iconic clown look.

Or perhaps the clips we see in the trailer are only a fraction of the story and a distraction from the plot that's bigger than a love story. Anything is possible and given the originality of the 2019 movie, Phillips may surprise us.

Another interesting revelation from the new trailer is Harley is not the psychologist from the comic books rather a patient at Arkham Asylum. But that could also be in Arthur's mind.

We will have all the answers when FOLIE A DEUX opens in movie theaters on October 4, 2024.

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