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ANCHORMAN 2 Bootleg Trailer

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If you went to see THE DICTATOR at the movies, then you were one of the lucky ones to see Ron Burgundy and his KVWN team's return in ANCHORMAN 2's teaser trailer.  Not to worry, some fans captured the hilarious trailer and shared it online.

UPDATE: Paramount Pictures finally released the official teaser trailer online.  See it below.

Paramount Pictures has yet to release the new teaser trailer, so movie-goers did the rest of us a favor and leaked it online (not that we condone piracy).  Will Farrell is finally back as Ron Burgundy, the pompous San Diego anchorman, along with his cohorts Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, and David Koechner as the obnoxiously funny news crew of KVWN.  Spouting their usual rhetoric, Will Farrell looks right in character as he utters the line, "Get ready to ride the Palamino stallion."  

The ANCHORMAN 2 cast stepped into their 70s polyester suits and loafers just for the teaser trailer long before production starts on the sequel to the 2004 cult hit.  Fans have a long wait as production doesn't begin until later this year for a release sometime in 2013.

The teaser poster was released last week featuring KVWN's classic 70s pants and shoes, but no images of the characters.  Some online outlets reported at the time of the poster release the possible plot for the sequel.  The legend of Ron Bungandy is jeopardized when news channels go 24/7 and affirmative action is put into place to diversify the anchor's chairs with Latino and African-American news anchors. That should make for some dicey and controversial subject matter for the egotistical news reporters of KVWN.

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