Bad Bunny Takes Risks as an Actor and It Will Pay Off, Says 'Cassandro' Director Roger Ross Williams

Bad Bunny Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio and Gael Garcia Bernal in Cassandro 850 

Benito Antonio Martinez aka Bad Bunny is taking risks as an actor in the new Prime Video movie, 'CASSANDRO', alongside Gael Garcia Bernal and director Roger Ross Williams predicts the musician-turned-actor will be the next big thing in acting. The filmmaker also discusses his fascination with the luchador known as Cassandro, a gay wrestler who won over the Lucha Libre crowd.

CASSANDRO starts streaming on Prime Video on Friday, September 22. In the Prime Video movie, the Reggaeton artist ("Bad Bunny)" plays a love interest to Bernal's Cassandro.  The musician also dabbles in wrestling, and he's  taking acting to the next level with a risky role that might turn off some Latino fans. 

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