'Coming 2 America' Director Craig Brewer On Directing Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes Again

Director Craig Brewer Coming 2 America

Director Craig Brewer (HUSTLE & FLOW, Empire) worked with Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes in DOLEMITE IS MY NAME. He reteamed with the duo for COMING 2 AMERICA. The director talks about tackling a sequel to the classic 80s comedy with comedic geniuses like Murphy, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones and others. 

Thirty years after COMING TO AMERICA, Murphy and Arsenio Hall reprise their role as Akeem, now King of Zamunda, and Semmi, along with the original cast (John Amos, Shari Headley, James Earl Jones) and new comedic relief from Snipes, Jones, Morgan, Jermaine Fowler and Murphy's daughter Bella Murphy.

COMING 2 AMERICA explores the kingdom of Zamunda will its luxuries and beauty, as King Akeem sets off the find a long lost son to make him the heir to the throne while ignoring his oldest daughter's claim to the crown.

The director recounts his time on set and working with Murphy and his generosity towards his costars. We also discuss Ruth Carter's work on the elaborate costumes.

COMING 2 AMERICA will start streaming on Amazon Prime March 5.


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