'Prey for the Devil' Director Daniel Stamm Says Horror Movie is Based on Real-Life Catholic Practices for Possessions and Exorcisms


PREY FOR THE DEVIL director Daniel Stamm reveals to CineMovie that in response to the increasing amount of possessions in the present day, the Catholic Church modernized its methods for treating possessions and performing exorcisms by bringing in psychologists and establishing an exorcism school that excludes women. The filmmaker also says the writer based the story on real accounts as told by a Catholic priest who performs exorcisms.

PREY FOR THE DEVIL follows a young nun, Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) who believes she has a spiritual gift to help others suffering from demonic possessions. Although nuns are forbidden to perform exorcisms, a professor (Colin Salmon) recognizes Sister Ann’s gifts and agrees to train her. Thrust onto the spiritual frontline with fellow student Father Dante (Christian Navarro), Sister Ann finds herself in a battle for the soul of a young girl (who Sister Ann believes is possessed by the same demon that tormented her own mother years ago), and soon realizes the Devil has her right where he wants her and it wants in.

PREY FOR THE DEVIL is in movie theaters Friday, October 28.

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