Charlie Hunnam Puts On Spanish Accent to Imitate PACIFIC RIM's Guillermo del Toro


Now that Charlie Hunnam has left Fifty Shades of Grey, he should try his hand at comedy. The PACIFIC RIM star had press laughing as he imitated director Guillermo del Toro and "Pacific Rim" co-star Idris Elba when describing the torture the Mexican filmmaker put his cast through in the making of the monster movie.

PACIFIC RIM comes to Blu-ray/DVD and digital release October 15 and if you haven't seen the film yet, Charlie Hunnam plays one of the pilots who who operates the giant robots or "jaegers" that battle the giant sea monsters destroying the world. Using practical effects and not green screen, director Guillermo del Toro built Conn-pods,a set built on a giant hydraulic gimbal which would rattle the actors back and forth, imitating the action inside the giant robots called Jaegers.  In our interview with Charlie Hunnam this past summer, he joked that the Mexican filmmaker was a "slave driver" because it was pure torture in the Conn-pods for hours per day. "It was like being on an elliptical for 14 hour days," he said.  He complained the constant dumping of water, fire and the tight, uncomfortable suits made for a miserable time on set.

While describing the experience on the set of PACIFIC RIM, the Sons of Anarchy star, imitated the conversation between himself and del Toro with a Spanish accent and utilizing del Toro's favorite term for everyone, "cabron," which is considered a favorite curse word for Mexicans, but is often used when talking amongst friends. Hunnam also imitated his co-star Idris Elba who refused to be inundated with water during his shoots in the Conn-Pods, but Hunnam said, del Toro won that fight.

It wasn't all bad. Hunnam considers the director a very passionate person when it comes to the filmmaking process and calls him "wonderful."  He was surprised when del Toro called him three months after PACIFIC RIM wrapped to offer him a role in his next project, Crimson Peak, a horror thriller also starring Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston and Mia Wasikowska. That shoot proved to much easier than PACIFIC RIM.  

Watch the hilarious Charlie Hunnam interview in which he had the whole room rolling around in laughter.



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