ENDLESS LOVE's Alex Pettyfer Names His Valentine's Date


Alex Pettyfer is a real softie when it comes to love so prepare to swoon while reading this. The ENDLESS LOVE star gives us his take on amour and feeds us some juicy details about the smooching scenes with his breathtaking, blonde co-star.  

23 year old Brit, Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) may become the new heartthrob in Hollywood when ENDLESS LOVE hits theaters this Valentine's Day. His chemistry with actress Gabriella Wilde (Carrie, 2013) captures the intimacy and excitement of what first love is all about. The filmmakers’ top priority was finding two young actors who would make sparks fly and provide magical chemistry. When they watched Alex and Gabriella on screen for the first time, they knew they had found their 'Romeo and Juliet.' The two good-lookers spent time with each other off set doing bonding exercises like dancing to loud music to help strengthen their relationship.

“Gabriella was amazing. She’s English. I’m English. There was a connection we could build off there. Shana set the atmosphere for us to become close. I had a lovely time with her. Hopefully it came across on screen.”


At a recent press event for the film, Alex proclaimed himself a hopeless romantic, and he's not afraid to let everyone know that a couple of his favorite movies are Love Actually and Bridget Jones’ Diary. He believes that first love is what defines your relationships for the rest of your life. The film’s director Shana Feste (Country Strong) praised her leading man for being so open and vulnerable when discussing his views on love. Alex mentioned that when he was in love for the first time it felt as though his heart was ripping out of his chest.

“I wanted to make this movie because I truly believe in love. I think every relationship should start the way our relationship started with our first love.”

Although Alex seems like he’d be a smooth lothario, he confessed he becomes incredible geeky and tongue-tied around women. Alex reminisced on a time when he was 18 years old. He had just completed a movie and was approached at a party by a tall 24-year-old girl who wanted to congratulate him.

"Are you Alex?”  ‘I said uhh…uh...Yeah.' I couldn’t speak. I’m so terrible when it comes to talking to women."

Despite his Don Juan shortcomings in real life, Alex seemed pretty comfortable during the intimate scenes with Gabriella. CineMovie put Alex on the hot seat and asked him what it was like shooting these lovemaking scenes.  

“It’s so awkward. You think these things are romantic and sensual. You come in your robe and it’s all quiet.  You take off your robe. You start to kiss Gabriella and then you look to your right and there’s a big burly man standing there with a light over you going, ‘Just move to the right a little bit mate.’ Oh, okay this is not so romantic! The nerves kinda go away really fast.”

Ladies, unfortunately Alex can’t be your Valentine because his mother has already filled the position. In fact, he’s taking her on a date to see ENDLESS LOVE when it opens on Valentine's Day, February 14.  So don't be surprised if you find him and his lovely date sitting next to you!

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