Homefront's James Franco On Trusting Jason Statham Not To Hit Him

We've all seen the pummeling Jason Statham can deliver on film and in HOMEFRONT, James Franco is on the other end of the beating. Franco admits he's not one to do his own stunts like Statham, so his stuntman haď the honors of meeting Statham's fists.

James Franco takes on Jason Statham in a cat and mouse game in the new action thriller HOMEFRONT written by Sylvester Stallone. Franco plays a meth dealer named Gator Bodine who decides to mess with Statham's character not knowing the single dad of a 10-year-old is a former DEA agent now living in the backwaters of rural Louisiana. Once he digs into his past, Gator finds the ex-DEA took down another drug lord who looking for revenge so Gator uses it to his advantage. Watch trailer.

At the Los Angeles press conference for the film, James Franco reveals he doesn't perform his own stunts unlike Statham. Instead his stunt man takes all the credit for going up against the former diver and martial artist. "My guy gets really beaten up and he's happy to do that," says Franco.  

For the short confrontation with Franco, the artist, actor and teacher knew he had nothing to worry about with Statham since he's very experienced at stunt work.
"I've worked on fight scenes and it's more like a dance than fights. You're depending on your partner to do the right move at the right time."
Homefront James Franco, Jason Statham, Winona Ryder
Franco has starred with less experienced co-stars which resulted in an accidental hit with a sword and a punch in the face. While he doesn't mention which movies, we can speculate that one of those was Your Highness with Danny McBride and Natalie Portman, the period adventure comedy which featured some sword play.

However, on the set of HOMEFRONT, he knew he would be safe in the hands of co-star Jason Statham when it came to shoot the fist fight.
"I'm not scared here. I feel great. Jason knows what you're doing. I'm not going to get hurt."
On screen, Franco's character gets a whooping by Statham's character that looks like it hurt… at least for the stuntman.

We're sure James Franco is thankful for that this Thanksgiving weekend.  HOMEFRONT opens November 27, 2013

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