Sneak Peak: James Wan Explains 'The Curse of La Llorona' To White People

At San Diego Comic Con this year, Warner Bros. and NewLine gave us a sneak peek into their upcoming horror slate including THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA. La Llorona or Crying Woman is a Mexican folklore, and Hollywood is using that as the basis of the movie starring Linda Cardellini (DADDY'S HOME 2), Raymond Cruz ("Major Crimes," "Breaking Bad") and Patricia Velasquez, and produced by James Wan (THE CONJURING, AQUAMAN). The filmmakers and stars explained the legend of La Llorona to the non-Latinos in the crowd and introduced the actors. 

James Wan and writer Gary Dauberman explain where the myth of La Llorona (weeping woman) comes from, and the concept behind the new horror movie, TTHE CURSE OF LA LLORONA. Three clips from the new movie were shown at the San Diego Comic Con on opening night during the second annual #ScareDiego. Director Michael Chaves introduced the horrifying clips. 

La Llorona (the Crying Woman) is a legend of a woman who drowned her kids and is cursed to walk the Earth looking for her children. Parents recount the tale to scare kids into submission by telling them if they don't behave, the crying woman will come after them. That is not exactly the premise behind the new film.

We're introduced to the orphanage where Linda Cardellini's social worker places children in the first clip. Two young brothers sleep in a room when one of them walks out as if sleepwalking. The younger child follows his brother around corners, and the lights start flickering. That always signals trouble. Then bam, la llorona appears looking demonic. 

In another clip, Linda's social worker is called to a scene of a double murder in the middle of the night. She brings along her two young children and tells the older son to stay in the car, and watch over his sister as she sleeps. Of course he doesn't and encounters the "crying woman" and he runs to the car for safety. The movie is set in the 70s so that car is a station wagon. Once in the station wagon, the evil spirit starts rolling down the windows and he scrambles to stop her. The horrifying action continues as the boy struggles to keep her out, and it had us viewers on edge for sure. 

In another clip, la llorona goes after the boy's sister in a harrowing scene in the bathtub (where there's water there's trouble) that will make you shudder in suspense. That whole scene was a nail-biter, and we'll have to wait until April 2019 for the outcome. 

Stars Raymond Cruz and Patricia Velasquez spoke to their experience of la llorona growing up, and they also experienced supernatural occurrences while shooting the film.


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