THE CONJURING’s Vera Farmiga Haunted Before and After Movie, Shows Us Proof

Vera Farmiga showed us a picture off her iPhone of claw marks that appeared on her thigh after she wrapped the new horror film THE CONJURING. Hear the eerie story about the signs she was sent before and after the making of THE CONJURING.

Vera Farmiga plays real-life demonologist Lorraine Warren in a true story based on the Perron family’s experience with evil spirits and possession of the mother of five in their new home during the 1970s.  During an interview with the star and Lorraine Warren at a San Francisco hotel room, Farmiga recounts the two signs that were sent her way before and after making of the James Wan horror flick.

During a creative meeting with CONJURING director James Wan about the role, she agreed to portray to play Lorraine Warren if Patrick Wilson was signed on as her on-screen husband, Ed.   Once that was firmed up, Farmiga opened her laptop to continue researching her new character and claw marks appeared across the screen.  The incident didn’t dissuade her from being part of THE CONJURING.

Production of THE CONJURING went off without a hitch.  After production wrapped in North Carolina she returned home and woke up the next day with another sign from the other world.

“The next morning I woke up in my own bed. Let me show you. [searches iPhone] And the same claw marks appeared on my thigh. [Holds out phone to show us image of claw marks]

Are you freaked out yet?  The five press members sitting around the round table interview were.  Lorraine Warren advises Farmiga to have it treated with holy water, but Farmiga says her strong faith kept her from giving the sign any credence.

“I felt fortified by my own faith and my prayers were enough to dissipate that thing that was trying to scare me. “

Lorraine once again interjects and says spirits “intimidate” and that’s what they do. Farmiga didn’t dwell on it and “discarded” the incident to avoid giving it that “power.”

“Just talking about it gives it power. We always shy away from reveling in it or boasting about it.”

Farmiga, however,  knows its not something  you want to “mess with” or a light-hearted matter.  And we agree.

THE CONJURING is now playing in movie theaters.



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