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Henry Cavill Reveals Black Superman Costume

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Henry Cavill aka Superman teased a portion of the new Superman suit for the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie on Instagram Monday morning. The black suit immediately got people talking about Superman's return in JUSTICE LEAGUE which may be following the DC comic book, "The Death and Return of Superman." Will he return stronger than ever, and turn to the dark side like in the comic books?

Last we saw Superman, he was six feet under after Doomsday took him out in BATMAN V SUPEMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, but the ending teased his resurrection when dirt levitates towards the sky. Of course Superman can't die. There's a slew of JUSTICE LEAGUE planned for years to come from Warner Bros. Henry Cavill also made an appearance with the JUSTICE LEAGUE cast and director Zack Snyder at Comic Con confirming his return to the DC Extended Universe. 

There are two possible directions for Superman. In the 90s comics, the man of steel returns more powerful than ever wearing a black suit as a good guy, but a more recent DC comic book has a cloned Superman in a black suit wrecking havoc before being killed off. BATMAN V SUPERMAN hinted at a not-so-nice Superman in Bruce Wayne's futuristic vision so you never know. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE opens November 17, 2107. 


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