Adam Rodriguez Takes It Off For MAGIC MIKE Post CSI: Miami

Co-starring in MAGIC MIKE with Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, and Alex Pettyfer under the direction of Steven Soderbergh is a great springboard into movies, according to Rodriguez. He's quite enjoying the "free-fall" and looks forward to see where he "lands."

For the moment, Adam Rodriguez is thrilled about playing Tito in MAGIC MIKE, but most importantly he's very happy his dance routine made it into the final cut. Rodriguez and his MAGIC MIKE co-stars worked hard to nail their dance solos and they all made it into the film. That was the one thing he was concerned with because of the time and the effort put into the stripper regiment. The only injury he sustained was "banging up" his shoulder for the flip move that required him to put pressure on his joint. He felt the effects of the injuries for a couple of months. 


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Adam-Rodriguez-movie-still-dancingOther scenes like his backstory didn't quite make it into the film, but he doesn't mind since he had "so much fun doing this." "There wasn't enough room to get the fun in," he remarked. Soderbergh, however, captured the best moments from the film in his opinion, including his "big dance."

While much of Tito's backstory wasn't addressed in the film, Rodriguez created a whole scenario for his character. Rodriguez imagined Tito moonlighting as an entrepreneur like the Mike (Tatum) and Dallas (McConaughey) characters, except he imagined himself selling books on infomercials advising audiences on get rich quick schemes a la Carlton Sheets and Robert Kiyasaki. A certain scene showing Tito working toward his goal was left on the cutting-room floor.

However, there's plenty of him to see in MAGIC MIKE starting June 29 when he struts his stuff alongside other Hollywood hunks.


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