• Interview: Julianna Margulies Digs Deep Into 'The Hot Zone'

    Interview: Julianna Margulies Digs Deep Into 'The Hot Zone'

  • Interview: Erika Hau Talks Netflix's Black Summer

    Interview: Erika Hau Talks Netflix's Black Summer

  • Meet The Villains of 'John Wick Chapter 3'

    Meet The Villains of 'John Wick Chapter 3'

    Mark Dacascos & Asia Kate Dillon Read More
  • Real Subjects of 'The Hot Zone' & Author Talk Measles Outbreak

    Real Subjects of 'The Hot Zone' & Author Talk Measles Outbreak

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'Black Mirror' Season 5 Brings Big Names But Is That What Fans Want?

BLACK MIRROR, British series has been taken over by Hollywood. The trailer for season 5 has arrived with Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie headlining their own episode, and only three episodes this go around. While the series has often starred Hollywood names like Jon Hamm, Bryce Dallas Howard and Rosemarie DeWitt, the actors are often not publicized to give a surprise element to the show. For the most part, some of the best BLACK MIRROR episodes feature unknown to us Yanks. Most online fans are complaining they don't need A-listers to attract them to the show, but they'll be there to watch regardless.

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Real Subjects of Nat Geo's 'The Hot Zone' and Author Talk Measles Outbreak

 The Hot Zone NatGeo

Richard Preston's best-selling novel, THE HOT ZONE has been made into a 6-part tv series for Nat Geo. The story is based on the experience of Lt. Col. Nancy Jaxx (played by Julianna Marguiles) and her husband Lt. Col. Jerry Jaax (played by Noah Emmerich) and their discovery of the Ebola virus in Washington D.C. in 1989. CineMovie was at the premiere and talked to the real subjects of the story and the author who describe the dangers of being a scientist for the CDC, and their thoughts on the current outbreak of measles in the United States.

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POMS Director Zara Hayes: 'This Isn’t Bring It On Senior Style'

Poms movie cheerleading Diane Keaton

Screen icons Diane Keaton, Pam Grier, Jacki Weaver and Rhea Perlman form a cheerleading squad for their senior living facility in POMS. The story may be far-fetched, but British filmmaker Zara Hayes came across photographs of a real-life senior citizen cheerleading team. She was inspired to make a movie about these women but she resisted the urge to make it a BRING IT ON version. Luckily for the actors, backflips and high jumps were not part of their routine but cheering in unison still had its challenges.

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First 'IT Chapter 2' Trailer Has Us Running For The Hills

IT Movie Chapter 2 Pennywise

Add old lady to the things that scare us along with a killer clown in the new teaser for the IT CHAPTER 2. The first preview to the IT sequel focuses on the adult Beverly played by Jessica Chastain as she encounter Pennywise in disguise as an old lady who lives in her childhood home. We also ge glimpses of the adult versions of the Losers Club played by James McAvoy, Bill Hader and Javier Botet.

Argentinian director Andy Muschietti returns to helm the sequel which hits movie theaters September 6. 

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Interview: Diane Keaton Wants To Play Someone 'Vile and Disgusting'

Diane Keaton Jacki Weaver Poms Movie

POMS star Diane Keaton is a Hollywood veteran but there's still one role that eludes her - that of a villain. Keaton says she hasn't had a chance to put on a wig and make-up to play the evil witch or someone so disgusting and evil unlike herself of course. We told her we'll help get the word out because her fans would like nothing more than to see Oscar-winning actress play it up evil.

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Disney Releases Film Schedule For Star Wars, Marvel and FOX Movies Through 2027

Disney Film Slate 2019 2027

Disney made a huge announcement Tuesday regarding their movie slate which includes their newly acquired FOX properties through the year 2027. They also laid out their plans to release future STAR WARS films as continue their winning streak with Marvel movies. In the schedule list below, the FOX slate includes the next X-Men movie, THE NEW MUTANTS as well as James Cameron's AVATAR sequels. 

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