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'Villain' Movie Review

 Villain Craig Fairbass movie review

VILLAIN is a British import you won't care for at the start with an unlikely lead who looks like he could rip your head off but English actor Craig Fairbrass (AVENGEMENT, CLIFFHANGER) turns in a charismatic performance that flips that first impression. VILLAIN will be available On Demand and Digital May 22.

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Remembering Shad Gaspard: WWE Wrester Dreamed Of Playing An Action Hero

Shad Gaspard WWE Wrestler 850

At CineMovie, we're so sad to hear of Shad Gaspard's passing and his ultimate sacrifice in saving his son. When we spoke to the WWE wrestler turned actor on the TERMINATOR GENISYS red carpet premiere in 2015, he dreamed of one day being like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista and other action heroes who transitioned from sports.

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Zack Synder's 'Justice League' 4-Hour Cut To Be Released on HBO Max in 2021

Zack Snyder JUSTIC LEAGUE cut finally to be released

UPDATE: Zack and Deborah Synder told the Hollywood Reporter the new cut may be a four-movie or cut into episodes for the new streaming service. HR also has sources claiming Warner Bros. is budgeting $20 to $30 million for post production which sounds like it needs a bit of work which explains the 2021 release. 

Since the 2017 release of DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE, fans and cast members have been campaigning for Warner Bros. to release the Zack Synder cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE, and it seems to have paid off with Synder's version coming to HBO Max in 2021. 

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New Darkness Trailer Starring Gary Cole, Shawn Ashmore

Darkness Falls movie Shawn Ashmore Gary Cole 

After his wife's suicide, Detective Jeff Anderson (Shawn Ashmore) becomes convinced that she has in fact been murdered. Obsessed with his investigation, Anderson finds out that his wife was the victim of a team of father-and-son serial killers. He'll have to break all the rules to stop them from killing other women.

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Best Movies to Stream Online in 2020

Nicolas Cage Joely Richardson Color of Space movie

The world is going through a rough time trying to deal with a global pandemic, and some industries have had to temporarily close shop. Into the fifth month of the year, new movies have been released, but as you would expect, theaters are closed. That leaves online movie streaming the only way to catch new releases, with top sites like streamingwars.com offering plenty of options for movie lovers.

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