• Tyler Perry Interview: Taking Boo 2 From R to PG-13

    Tyler Perry Interview: Taking Boo 2 From R to PG-13

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  • 'The Foreigner's' Rory Fleck Byrne Takes On Jackie Chan

    'The Foreigner's' Rory Fleck Byrne Takes On Jackie Chan

  • Mariana Treviño and Christopher Von Uckermann Offer Love Advice

    Mariana Treviño and Christopher Von Uckermann Offer Love Advice

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  • Jackie Chan: 'I Want To Be An Actor'

    Jackie Chan: 'I Want To Be An Actor'

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New 'The Star' Movie Trailer

the star movie

The nativity story has been told countless times, but not from the animals point of view until Sony Pictures Animation's THE STAR. Watch the new trailer which features a star-studded voice cast that includes Steven Yeun (Bo the donkey) Gina Rodriguez (Mary) Zachary Levi (Joseph) Keegan-Michael Key (Dave the dove) Kelly Clarkson (Leah the horse) Anthony Anderson (Zach the goat) Aidy Bryant (Ruth the sheep) Ving Rhames (Thaddeus the dog) Gabriel Iglesias (Rufus the dog) Patricia Heaton (Edith the cow) Kristin Chenoweth (Abby the Mouse) Christopher Plummer (King Herod) and Tracy Morgan (Felix) and Tyler Perry (Cyrus) and Oprah Winfrey (Deborah).

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Three Memorable TV Series Set in Las Vegas

Pawn Stars

Las Vegas is one of the most well-known places on the planet. Most people you’d ask who hadn’t already visited would probably tell you that they’d like to because Sin City literally has it all. This is one of the main reasons that we have seen huge box office hit movies filmed there, as well as memorable TV shows. That, and the fact Las Vegas is all glitz and glamour. People associate it with infinite riches but with wealth comes crime at times and this has helped with the plots of many shows and movies to hit out screens. In fact, some of these TV series themes have gone even further to become successful board, video and online slots games, together with a host of various types of memorabilia.

It will come as no surprise to see all sorts of weird and wonderful items to enjoy all based on TV shows, which can be found on Amazon, eBay and online casinos, like Unibet.

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Meet Penguin's New Gotham Ally: Interview with Robin Lord Taylor & Crystal Reed

Robin Taylor Lord and Crystal Reed Gotham CineMovie Interview

The Penguin has a new accomplice on the new season of GOTHAM with Cynthia Reed ("Teen Wolf") entering the picture as Ben Falcone's daughter Sofia Falcone. What is the extent of this new relationship in season 4? Robin Lord Taylor and Cynthia Reed reveal what's coming up with their characters and Falone's role as a new love interest for Ben McKenzie's James Gordon.

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Interview With Optimus Prime and Megatron Voices Frank Welker and Peter Cullen

Transformers Peter Cullen Frank Welker Interview

Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, the renowned voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron in the Transformers franchise, sat down together to talk about their voice over work in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT which arrives on Blu-ray and DVD September 26. The veteran voice actors reveals some cool behind the scenes details about their time in the recording booth and what it’s like working with director Michael Bay.

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'American Made' Actor Alejandro Edda Talks Fear Of Acting Opposite Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Alejandro Edda American Made movie

It’s not easy overpowering Tom Cruise's presence on screen but actor Alejandro Edda commands Cruise’s character in AMERICAN MADE. Edda explains to CineMovie how he got over his intimidation of acting opposite Cruise, a few funny Tom Cruise stories and adventures with the super star. The Mexican actor also shares his experience in the recent Mexican earthquake while he was visiting his hometown of Puebla.

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'The Exorcist's' Alfonso Herrera Gets Emotional Over Mexican Earthquake Disaster

Alfonso Herrera Donate Interview

THE EXORCIST star Alfonso Herrera is currently shooting the second season of the FOX series in Vancouver. The Mexican-native tells CineMovie it's been rough being away from his home country in a time of need after the devastating earthquakes hit his hometown of Mexico City and the surrounding areas in Puebla, Morelos and earlier this month in Oaxaca. He explains how he's been coping being so far away from home and how others can help those in need. Watch below.

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The Emoji Movie: The Aftermath

2017 has seen one more film added to the list of perplexing creations. Based on the cultural phenomenon formed by a humble social app, The Emoji Movie had great potential, if handled with original vision and wit. The plot is set in the city of Textopolis, where Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, heads out to become as normal as other emojis and their single expressions. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm that went into its development, such as casting award-winners James Corden (Into the Woods, 2014) and Ilana Glazer (Broad City, 2014-2018), as well as T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, 2014-2017) and Anna Faris (I Give It a Year, 2013), was not enough to impress its more demanding audiences. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes pointed out, among other things, a weakness in taste, plot and purpose, apart from it being little more than a promotional tool. Even though the $179,535,817 global box office likely soothed Sony Pictures Animation’s wounded pride, the fact remains that this flop may have damaged any dreams of future productions of this kind.

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