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Dolores Huerta On Rosario Dawson Playing Her In Cesar Chavez Biopic


UPDATE: Rosario Dawson portrays the legendary activist Dolores Huerta in the CESAR CHAVEZ film. We caught up with the real-life Huerta two years ago and she told us what she thought of Rosario Dawson portraying her in the new Diego Luna film.

Actor Diego Luna takes the director's chair to helm a Cesar Chavez biopic starring Michael Peña as the iconic activist and Rosario Dawson as his United Farm Workers co-founder. Dolores Huerta, now 82-years old, tells CineMovie she was surprised to hear the news that the tall and beautiful Rosario Dawson would be portraying her in Chavez. She also named Jack Black's Nacho Libre as a film that best exemplifies Latinos.

Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta's fought alongside Cesar Chavez during the 60s to bring reform to labor laws for farmers. The labor leader is still active in the community and made an appearance at the National Association of Independent Latino Producers (NALIP) Conference 2012 where CineMovie spoke to the community activist. Now part of her story will be told in the Cesar Chavez biopic directed by the Y Tu Mamå También actor Diego Luna. Michael Peña (The Gangsquad) is set to play the labor leader with America Ferrera as his wife, and Rosario Dawson (Men in Black 2) as the petite woman who helped lead the fight for equality.

Huerta tells us she was "surprised" to hear Rosario Dawson would be playing her in the Diego Luna film. Physically, Rosario Dawson is a tall "skinny" woman wheras she's the total opposite. However, the petite and vibrant activist considers Dawson a "great actress," and she's positive  "it will come out alright."  At the NALIP red carpet in April, Huerta said she was meeting Rosario Dawson for the first to talk about the role and inquire about how she would be portrayed since she hadn't seen the script. 

The civil rights advocate may be well past the retirement age, but her fight for equality is always in the back of her mind.  Eva Longoria has also approached Huerta about a film on her life, but like with any film about Cesar Chavez or herself, she stressed she doesn't want a Hollywood fairy-tale rather a film that will bring a consciousness to current problems.

"Any film that's made about me - I want to be instructive and to be lessons people can learn and take from it to continue our path and march for justice."

The 82-year old community activist also revealed which film she feels exemplifies Latinos and her pick was Nacho Libre (2006) starring Jack Black as the monk turned luchador (wrestler). What she liked most about the comedy was the message behind it; helping poor people, but "doing it with a lot of fun."

CESAR CHAVEZ Chavez hits theaters March 28, 2014.


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