THOR: THE DARK WORLD Movie Review: It's the Thor and Loki Show

When it comes to Marvel sequels, the Iron Man sequel proved a disappointment in my book with a terrible premise and antagonist. So there was a bit of low expectations from this fan

Thor returns to fight a new enemy with the help of his brother Loki, which creates the tension throughout the film. Will the likeable but mischievous brother behave or will he betray his brother once again? It’s no surprise that Tom Hiddleston as usual steals the show as Loki.  Loki is such a charmer that you can’t help but like him, even when he’s misbehaving.  Much of the humor from the first Thor remains intact with the brotherly tension being part of the fun.  Unfortunately for Thor, Loki is a much more complex character and frankly, I don't see a third movie without Loki unless Thor becomes a little more interesting with a little more pathos. For this sequel, the screenwriters cleverly thought of a way to make Loki a Thor ally once again, but like Thor, the unpredictability of his nature keeps you on your feet.

Another ally who returns isn’t equally strong. Natalie Portman may be believable as scientist Jane Foster, but as Thor’s main squeeze, the two lack chemistry even more so than in the first Thor.  Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman really never had the passion between them and it’s more evident in the follow-up.  Their make out sessions are boring and lack any sexually charged momentum.  Who doesn’t want to make out with Chris Hemsworth? And the boys are probably asking the same question of Natalie Portman. Do they even like each other in real life? If not, that translated to the big screen.  There’s a hint of a love triangle between Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and the lovebirds, which could add some juice to this love affair if a third film in the Thor franchise is made. Jaimie Alexander, however, has a different plan for her character Sif.  Watch interview.



As the new menace in THOR: THE DARK WORLD, Malekith was a tamed bad guy.  Played by Christopher Eccleston, he didn’t inspire much fear except wanting to rule all the realms of the universe and plunge it into darkness. Can someone please come up with another motivation for evil characters? World domination is getting old.  Thankfully the destruction in this superhero film was largely on Asgard and some mild damage to London. I, for one, don’t want to watch major cities demolished any more after this summer’s onslaught of destruction.


THOR: THE DARK WORLD has a few surprises that will have audiences both laughing and gasping.  One Avenger makes a cameo appearance in a very funny way, a few characters are killed off and stay for the end credits for an appearance from a Galaxy of the Guardian.


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