Tom Cruise's EDGE OF TOMORROW Opens Strong Internationally

Despite good reviews and word of mouth, EDGE OF TOMORROW came in third at the domestic box office with $28.8 million which isn't bad since it averaged $8,241 per screen. However, there was something for everyone this weekend with "Maleficent" pulling in families while females gathered their packs to see the YA adaptation and tear jerker "The Fault In Our Stars."

EDGE OF TOMORROW, however, was #1 at the box office worldwide pulling in $111.1 million from foreign countries and earning $29.1 from the domestic side which brings the worldwide take to $140.1 million and growing. The film has been in limited release for 12 days, including Wednesday openings, and debuted in an additional 36 countries over the weekend, earning an impressive $82 million, including outstanding returns in Russia with $8.6 million, China with $25 million, and Korea at $16.6 million. 

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