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New 'Godzilla vs Kong' Movie Poster

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Godzilla vs Kong image 2021

The battle of the century is about to become reality. GODZILLA VS KONG's first look is coming Sunday, January 24, and to appease fans giddiness, a new poster has arrived in the meantime. See the very telling poster below. 

"One Will Fall" is the logline on the new movie poster for the Legendary film which will open March 26 in movie theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. The one-liner suggest only one of our beloved kaiju will survive. The answer to which monster it will be may be an tied to the one with the most franchise opportunities. Kaiju fans know that answer.  

The poster also indicates the monster mash-up will take place in the city as Kong destroys it and Godzilla comes to the rescue. Or it seems. We will see when the first teaser trailer arrives. 

Godzilla vs King Kong movie poster

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