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New Movie Poster and Trailer for Netflix Series 'Immigration Nation'

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Netflix's new six-part documentary, "Immigration Nation" explores both sides of the immigration issue taking the cameras on ICE raids, as well as telling stories of those taken by the agency. Watch the new trailer on the difficult subject.

The limited series debuts August 3rd from directors Christina Clusiau and Shaul Schwarz. Hear from immigration agents, attorneys, lawmakers and the undocumented immigrants with harrowing stories that humanize the highly politicized matter.

“Immigration Nation” also tackles the question we all ourselves of ICE agents. How can the agents be so heartless when deporting hard working people without criminal records, and those who served in the military? The trailer hints at the conflict within the agency.

Immigration Nation poster

Official Synopsis
In the groundbreaking six-part documentary series Immigration Nation, acclaimed filmmaking team Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau (2017’s Trophy) offer an unprecedented look at the processes, pitfalls and pain of immigration in America. Shot over the course of three years, Schwarz and Clusiau capture the daily workings of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, activists, lawmakers, attorneys and a wide swath of undocumented immigrants, from desperate recent arrivals to longtime residents to deported U.S. military combat veterans.

With an unrelenting flow of migrant workers continuing across the U.S. border, the pressure on ICE to enforce the administration’s zero-tolerance policies puts immigrants in the crosshairs. But how do we fix a system that seems beyond repair? How do we apply common sense to something that’s evolved from one of humanitarian concern to an us-versus-them political flashpoint? Has the story of America – the one that inspired our own immigrant relatives to risk death for a better life – been rewritten so broadly that the “land of the free” is a luxury afforded now only to a few?

As ineffective deterrence and militarized tactics continue, Immigration Nation provides an urgent, unbiased portrait of a country in crisis; one that demands unflinching attention and action.

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