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New Trailer: First Look at Diego Luna’s ‘Pan y Circo’ Series

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Diego Luna's got a lot on his mind with the global crisis, and he's inviting celebrity friends like Gael Garcia Bernal, activists and politicians to the dinner table for a discussion from politics to religion, all the topics usually avoided at the dinner table. Watch the first look at the new Amazon Prime Video series.

Diego Luna created the Spanish series, "Pan y Circo" which translates to "Bread and Circus" for Amazon Prime Video He rounds up influential people across many topics around the dinner table with gourmet food from renown chefs. The trailer reveals most of the shows were filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic with guests at a table, while other episodes taking place via Zoom during the health crisis.

The seven episode series premieres August 7 exclusively on Prime Video in Mexico and more than 200 countries and territories around the world. "Pan y Cinco" is Amazon Prime Video and Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal´s La Corriente del Golfo's first collaboration in their production pact.

Diego Luna' new Spanish series, Pan y Circo

Official Announcement

The Amazon Original Series, Pan y Circo, is comprised of seven episodes, and travels across Baja California, Puebla, Quintana Roo and Mexico City, revisiting the ritual of sharing a meal as a space for conversation and gathering of different points of view. The conversations, moderated by Mexican actor and filmmaker Diego Luna, gather politicians, activists, and different personalities to touch upon fundamental and general interest topics of contemporary societies, combined with menus from renowned Mexican chefs. 
The topics of the show include gender violence; climate change; decriminalization of abortion; racism and identity; drug legalization; immigration and finally, COVID-19, a remote episode filmed during confinement and with different virtual interviews.
The series has 38 dinner guests and 6 chefs that feed the conversation, and the table, during each episode. 
Pan y Circo was created by Diego Luna and produced by La Corriente del Golfo. Three episodes will premiere on Friday, August 7th, and each week, two additional episodes will be released. The series premieres exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in Mexico and in more than 200 countries and territories.

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