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New Trailer Review Playlist: Old, The Tomorrow War, Cobra Kai, Jungle Cruise, Escape Room 2

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It's starting to look a lot like summer with a ton of blockbuster films headed our way in movie theaters, and on streaming platforms.  The trailers that dropped this past week includes Chris Pratt's THE TOMORROW WAR, JUNGLE CRUISE, M. Night Shyamalan's OLD, Edgar Wright's LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, the ESCAPE ROOM sequel, TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS and a tease for season 4 of COBRA KAI introducing THE KARATE KID 3 villain.  Here's a recap of the new previews along with the trailer playlist. 

The summer will be a crowded one with many of the films delayed from last year finally landing in theaters along with new movies made during the pandemic. 


Chris Pratt stars in a sci-fi action flick acquired for Amazon Prime.  Pratt's character is drafted to fight in a future war against aliens along with other recruits in THE TOMORROW WAR. 

However, something sounds fishy in this time travel movie. Why not go back in time to create a weapon against a future alien invasion instead of recruiting humans from the past? I sense a huge twist coming our way.

THE TOMORROW WAR premieres on Amazon Prime July 2. 



Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt's action adventure movie based on the Disneyland theme park ride is finally hitting theaters. The new preview certainly looks very familiar. It's a cross between THE MUMMY and THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. 

JUNGLE CRUISE hits movie theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access July 30.



Edgar Wright's (BABY DRIVER) LAST NIGHT IN SOHO stars Anya Taylor-Joy and JOJO RABBIT's Thomasin McKenzie.  A young timid designer (McKenzie) moves to London to follow her dreams, but something is amiss. When she looks in the mirror,  she sees her idol, a 60s glamorous singer played by Taylor-Joy. 

It's not clear how this is happening but LAST NIGHT IN SOHO may play with time travel or perhaps the woman is desperate to be something she isn't. The film is categorized as a horror thriller. 



Taylor Russell (Lost in Space) and Logan Miller reprise their roles in the sequel to ESCAPE ROOM. In ESCAPE ROOM: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS, the two find themselves in a game again with past winners in more dangerous circumstances. 

What makes this preview more intriguing is that the original characters are hell-bent on finding the corporation behind this deadly game as they attempt to survive the even more dangerous traps. 



From M. Night Shyamalan comes another twisty horror thriller with OLD starring Gael Garcia Bernal and an ensemble cast.  A group of tourists take a holiday on a remote island when strange things start to happen like finding dead people floating and decomposed bodies. Soon they start to age with the children becoming adults in a blink of an eye. 

Given Shyamalan's record of reveals and twists, the jury is still out on this one. Hopefully the answer to this riddle is a satisfying one. 



A new villain is entering the picture in COBRA KAI season 4, and Netflix released a quick teaser with a silhouette of a man with a short ponytail spouting off dialogue from KARATE KID III about weakness. 

It's no surprise Thomas Ian Griffith is reprising his role as Terry Silver, the bad guy in THE KARATE KID III since the last scene in the previous Netflix season had Kreese (Martin Kove) calling an old friend seeking help against his upcoming fight against Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). 

It has certainly wetted our appetite. 




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