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New Trailer and Movie Poster: 'Bad Ideas With Adam Devine'

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Adam Devine (PITCH PERFECT) hits the road with a celebrity guest for an adventure series for Quibi, "Bad Ideas With Adam Devine." The official synopsis describes the adventure as "twisted." Which friends are crazy enough to join him on his travels? Watch the new trailer.

Some of Adam's friends include Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, Brent Morin, “CJ” Lana Perry, Rebel Wilson and Thomas Middleditch

"Bad Ideas With Adam Devine" sounds like a version of "Jackass" but the description adds Adam will be adding his "own extra special sauce" which can only mean trouble for the quirky actor. The series premieres Monday, July 27. 

Bad Ideas with Adam Devine keyart 

Official Synopsis
This series is Adam’s twisted take on an adventure series. In each episode, he and a famous actor or comedian will travel to a new location in search of adventures that are already inherently dangerous - only they’ll add their own extra special sauce to ensure they are truly terrible choices. Entering a chili pepper eating contest with the most scorching peppers on earth... when you don’t like spicy food? Unwise. Visiting a haunted place… to purposely conjure a demon? Wouldn’t do it. Driving the narrow cliff trail aka The Death Road in South America... in an ice cream truck? No thanks. Yet for Adam and his friends, this ill-conceived way to experience the world is just their (bad) idea of travel. 

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