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Trailer: Mexican Icon Lucero Returns to the Screen in VIX Series, El Gallo De Oro

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Lucero VIX Gallo de Oro series

Mexico's sweetheart aka "La novia de América” returns to the small screen as the star of VIX's original series, El Gallo De Oro. The period drama set in the 1940s is based on the short novel by Juan Rulfo. The new trailer previews a fierce character played by Lucero. The singer/actress also performs on the original soundtrack.

El Gallo De Oro premieres on October 20 on VIX. El Gallo De Oro marks Lucero’s great return to acting and is also the renowned actress and singer’s first starring role in a series. José Ron and Plutarco Haza star with Lucero in the Spanish-language series.

The drama features performances by Alejandro Avila, Luis Felipe Tovar, Adriana Williams, María Aura, Axel Alcántara, Roberta de la Portilla, Pablo Abitiia, Santiago Colores, and lead actor Alberto Estrella.

Chance will play an important role in this series when a shy town crier, Dionisio Pinzón (José Ron) crosses paths with Bernarda (Lucero), a famous fairground singer known as “La Caponera”, causing both of their fortunes to change forever.

EL GALLO DE ORO will proudly portray the mystique and richness of Mexican heritage and popular culture and a universe full of palenques, card games, cockfights, gambling, and the wandering life in rural villages that create the atmosphere of this unforgettable story intertwined with the original soundtrack performed on stage by Lucero.

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