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Gina Carano Throws Down in HAYWIRE (Video)

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Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender in HAYWIRE

MMA fighter Gina Carano takes on the role of action hero in Steven Soderbergh's action thriller HAYWIRE. In this scene from HAYWIRE, the first-time actress proves she's as good on film as she is in the cage.

In HAYWIRE, the mixed martial arts champion Gina Carano plays Mallory Kane, a female covert specialist working for Ewan McGregor, a government security contractor. After her company tries to pin a murder on Mallory, the highly-trained operative goes rogue and is determined to clear her name and find her traitors.

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HAYWIRE also stars Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street), Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Michael Fassbender (Shame, X-Men: First Class) and Bill Paxton (Titanic).

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HAYWIRE is in theatres January 20.

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