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Miss Piggy Getting Married In A Vivienne Westwood Dress?

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Miss Piggy was spotted modeling a Vivienne Westwood couture wedding dress.  Who knew they made it in piglet size? And has Kermit finally proposed to his long-time girlfriend?

Will Kermit finally make Miss Piggy an honest woman in the new Muppets movie, MUPPETS MOST WANTED. Knowing Miss Piggy, she's probably jumping the gun and forcing poor Kermie's hand. We won't find out until the film opens March 21st, but we got a peek at the couture Long Ivory Court wedding gown designed by a fashion icon.

In the film, Miss Piggy wears the Vivienne Westwood design with corset detailing and paillettes made from recycled plastic bottles, accessorized with an ivory tulle veil. Piggy also demanded… I mean asked for additional wear designed by Vivienne Westwood including a couture Harris Tweed houndstooth check coat and matching beret worn in a scene set at Tower of London. Miss Piggy also chose a long silver hand-embroidered floral lace gown for a very special number in the film.  

In the sequel to the 2011 Muppets reboot, the Muppets take their act globally where they become entangled in an international crime caper. Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey and a host of other actors take on cameo roles.

Disney's MUPPETS MOST WANTED opens March 21st.

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