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New 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Trailer & Poster: Sarah Connor Wants To Kill Arnold Schwarzegger's T-800 Terminator

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Terminator Dark Fate Arnold Schwarzenegger

An action-packed trailer has arrived for TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, and Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) wants to kill Schwarzenegger's T-800 who's living in retirement. That begs the question why and how did the T-800 survive the meltdown in TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY. Watch the new trailer below. 

There are a lot of heroes in TERMINATOR: DARK FATE with Sarah Connor, the OG Terminator (Schwarzenegger), Grace (Mackenzie Davis), a hybrid cyborg human and possibly John Connor (Edward Furlong) coming in at the last minute to save the day. While we haven't seen any glimses of a grown up Edward Furlong, James Cameron did confirm he would return. 

The question on everybody's mind after the latest preview is why does Connor want to kill her amigo from the last TERMINATOR movie they were in. And how does he survive the smelting from the last time we saw him and why is he aging? These are not easily answered nor is there any lore that could explain it So I guess we'll have to wait until November 1 to get the answers. 

Official Synopsis:

Linda Hamilton (“Sarah Connor”) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (“T-800”) return in their iconic roles in TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by visionary filmmaker James Cameron and David Ellison. Following the events of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, TERMINATOR: DARK FATE also stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta.

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