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Prometheus Movie Clip Presents Peter Weyland Character

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Guy Pearce Prometheus Clip

The viral campaign for PROMETHEUS has begun with the first clip from the Ridley Scott being released on website called TED. Guy Pearce plays Peter Weyland, the business man behind Weyland Industries which plays a big role in the Alien franchise. In the video, he lays out his plan for the future and his intension to build humanoid robotic system.

The clip first appeared on the Prometheus Facebook page leading to a site called TED, a nonprofit site devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design which the site explains is an annual conference started in 1984 to bring people from those three fields.  The video is entitled Peter Weyland at TED2023: I will change the world A TEDTalk from the future as envisioned by Prometheus director Ridley Scott.  The site's description says the idea was conceived and designed by Ridley Scott and the writer on the film Damon Lindelof ("Lost").  Luke Scott is listed as the director.

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In the viral clip, Peter Weyland attends the TEDtalk conference in the year 2023 as a speaker in a large stadium.  He talks of the advances of technology with a story of the Titan Prometheus who stole fire and gave it to humans.  Prometheus was subsequently severely punished by the gods for his punishment.  He then lists the other advancements by centuries leading into discussion of his view of the future with androids. He says humans are the new deities, "We are the gods now," he proclaims in the video.  He finishes by saying, "I'd like to change the world."  If anyone still have any doubts, this confirms PROMETHEUS is definitely a prequel.  

The TED site is elaborately planned out with information about the conference, Peter Weyland, events, and even a community surrounding this organization.  TED Twitter chat (#TED) has already begun with tweets dating back to mid-February.

Is this clip part of the PROMETHEUS movie or a staged event for this purpose of kicking off the marketing for the prequel to the Alien movies?   Turns out it's the latter as Damon Lindelof specifically said the clip was shot specifically for TED.

What do you think of this marketing campaign?

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