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RIO 2 Exclusive Look

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Cinemovie spent the day at Fox Studios for an exclusive sneak peek of the highly anticipated animated sequel RIO 2 including Bruno Mars debut as an animated character. Not to mention, we got to hang out with some pretty spectacular blue macaws! 

The star-studded cast reunites for the new adventure and is joined by a flock of even more talented actors and musicians including the Grammy-winning pop star, Bruno Mars. For the first film, director Carlos Saldana took us on an unforgettable journey to his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. For the sequel, we embark on a colorful, new adventure into the wilds of the Amazon following our same flappy friends, Blu (Jessie Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway).

Director Carlos Saldanha gave us a taste of the new film by screening some scenes for us. He set up each scene by spotlighting characters and elaborating on the neat musical collaborations involved with the production.


The first clip we saw appeared to be the opening scene of the movie.  It’s New Years Eve in Rio and everyone’s partying to the uplifting song called “What is Love” by Janelle Monae. We’re then introduced to Blu and Jewel’s family on the beach enjoying the holiday together. 

The next scene features Blu and his family going to the Amazon amid reports that more blue macaws reside in the jungle.  This scene takes us on a vivid journey through the jungle and shows us some of the beautifully animated wildlife and landscape the film has to offer.

In the next little snippet, we meet the villainous cockatoo of the story, Nigel, voiced by Jemaine Clement. Nigel seeks revenge on Blu for the culminating fight at the end of the first installment. After performing some Shakespeare, Nigel escapes his fortune telling gig on the streets of Rio with the assistance of Gabi( Kristin Chenowith) and an ant eater named Charlie.  Nigel and his posse venture into the Amazon searching for Blu and the rest of the Macaws. While in the Amazon, Nigel performs a hilarious musical number inspired by a handful of well-known songs. Clement’s musical fingerprints were all over this performance.

Next, we meet the Amazonian macaws and Jewel reunites with her father Eduardo (Andy Garcia). We also get to meet Jewels aunt (Rita Moreno) and the smooth- singing Roberto (Bruno Mars), who performs a self-indulgent serenade to Jewel.  According to Saldanha, Bruno Mars and his musical partner Phil Lawrence virtually came up with the serenade on the spot when given the framework of what needed to be done.

Saldanha finished the presentation by fielding some questions from the press including whether there are plans to make RIO a trilogy.

"I’ve worked on all the Ice Age’s so I know if you have something that people connect with you want to keep telling that story. My wife and I have four children. After the first, you never ask ‘do you want to have another one.’  For now, lets get this baby out and then we’ll see what happens."


After the presentation, we did our own up close and personal research with real blue macaws which were brought to the event at Fox Studios, and who could resist getting a photo opp with the beautiful birds. 

RIO 2 promises more dancing, singing and fun when it flies into theaters April 11th!

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