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RoboCop Begins Viral Video Campaign Before Production Commences

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Get a glimpse of the new ROBOCOP machinery and a quick glance at the new Robocop armor in a new teaser viral campaign for the remake that hasn't even started production.

Production for the remake of ROBOCOP starring Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy, the policeman turned Robocop, has yet to begin shooting, but the movie studio folks are already promoting it through a teaser video and an official site for OmniCorp. OmniCorp, the company responsible for transforming Alex Murphy into the cybercop, features its new technology through a promotional spot for their law-enforcement advancements such as the XT-908 unmanned ariel vehicle, the Ed-209 Battlefield Tested and the RC 2000,  the innovation combining "human resources meets robotic engineering."  Not much can be seen of Robocop's new technology, but we're sure it's far more advanced than the 1987 version.

The advertising video encourages local cities to adapt the new technology for protection of their city.  The video also lists the new official site for OmniCorp, ( an elaborate web page for the fictional corporation where fans can find out more about OmniCorp and its weapons.

ROBOCOP is set to start production in September and scheduled for release August 2013.  The film will star "The Killing's" Joel Kinnaman in the title role as Alex Murphy turned cybercop alongside Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, and Hugh Laurie.

Digital campaigns using fictional companies are becoming popular this year, but the reboot of the 1987 film may be the first to create this world before shooting one frame of film. Other films that created digital campaigns using fictional corporations include Prometheus with Guy Pearce as Peter Weylend giving a TED speech years before the film takes place and following it up with a recruitment site for Weyland Industries with complete access.  Another remake Total Recall also launched an online campaign with a fake ad for Rekall, the fictitious company involved in Colin Farrell's confused state.

Do you think it's too soon for the studio to start promoting ROBOCOP?

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