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Spider-Man and Star Trek News with Producer Roberto Orci

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ENDER’S GAME producer Roberto Orci gives CineMovie some inside scoop on the next Amazing Spider-Man and Star Trek movies. He’s also telling us of J.J Abrams involvement in the next Star Trek movies and how he feels about the next Star Wars director decamping that other sci-fi franchise.

Producer Roberto Orci’s latest project, ENDER’S GAME can be currently seen in movie theaters, but the prolific writer/producer behind Transformers, Star Trek, Sleepy Hallow, Fringe and a dozen of projects in the works including a reboot of Van Helsing, The Mummy, the next two Amazing Spider-Man sequels and another Star Trek in the works without their captain, J.J Abrams.

Orci’s most recent project was bringing the 30 year-old novel, ENDER’S GAME  to the big screen.  He tells us keeping true to the book was the most challenging because of the difficult subject matter involving adults manipulating young teens

He also gave us insight into his next high-profile movies with writer/producer partner Alex Kurtzman. The two will be producing the next Amazing Spider-Man movies and being fan of the comics, he promises fans won’t be disappointed.  We’re going to deal with the most famous comics,” says the Mexican-born filmmaker.

The Star Trek producer is continuing with the next installment of the rebooted franchise without director J.J Abrams. Regarding Abrams jumping space ships, Orci jokes, “How could you?” to the camera. Kidding aside, J.J Abrams will continue to be “part of the stew of the next movie” even if he’s not directing.

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ENDER’S GAME is now playing in movie theaters.p>

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