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Tina Fey Shines in 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' Trailer and New Movie Poster

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Tina Fey Whiskey Tango FoxTrot movie poster image

Tina Fey gets into the war business with a comedy set in Afghanistan in WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT, playing a journalist sent to the war-torn country to get a story she needs to break her out of her career and personal rut. The film also stars Margot Robbie, Martin Freeman, Alfred Molina and Billy Bob Thornton, and the comedy is based on a true story from Kim Barker's memoir. Given it stars one of our favorite comedians, along with a stellar cast - WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT looks like a winner.

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT opens March 4, 2016.

Tina Fey Whiskey Tango Fox Trot movie poster

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