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Five Picks For Historical-Based Super Hero Movies

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Since Abraham Lincoln was re-imagined as a vampire hunter in Timur Bekmambetov's action thriller, CineMovie picks 5 other historical figures with undercover lives that should be made into a movie.

1.  Ben Franklin

One of the founding fathers of the United States wore many hats including private investigator.  Before there was CSI, the scientist, writer, politician and inventor of the bifocals and lightning rod solved crimes through science.  Under the pretense of his diplomatic status, the 18th Century figure was brought in by the government to solve crimes of high-importance, but keeping it secret from the public.   

2.  Napoleon

Size does matter when it comes to 19th Century French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte  The short despot didn't win wars purely out of being a good strategist.   He had a secret weapon - Napoleon The Giant.  The French Emperor heard of a  gypsy potion that made little people taller except in his case, his Napoleon complex turned him into a Hulk-like monster.   Why else would the British imprison him on the island of Elba when they captured him?  They had to keep his secret hidden from the rest of the world while they experimented with him to find out his secret.  But he escaped and returned to power.  

The next time the British captured him in 1815, they sent him to the island of Saint Helena where his death was ruled a case of stomach cancer.  For years many speculated he was poisoned with arsenic, but in this re-imagining the exiled ruler was tricked into drinking a spiked secret potion.

3.  Charlie Chaplin

Silent film actor Charlie Chaplin was banished into exile after the United States investigated the celebrity as a communist sympathizer. In the 1950's at the height of the Cold War, the FBI claimed the "Little Tramp" actor's name was really Israel Thornstein, but his true birthplace and name couldn't be confirmed.  The FBI entrusted the British spy agency, MI5, but they had no luck confirming the London-born actor's true identity. Some claimed he was French or perhaps Russian.

Truth is he wasn't a Communist spy, rather a time traveler found out by the government who attempted to capture him several times with no luck because he would disappear and appear elsewhere.  After being refused to cooperate with the United States, he was deemed an enemy of the state. Proof of his time traveling didn't surface until 33 years after his death when an Irish filmmaker noticed a woman holding some kind of mobile device in his 1920's film Circus. While others have discounted the mysterious hand held device in the film as a hearing aid of the time, many are still disputing if this actor was ahead of his time - he was literally.

4.  Sigmund Freud
The founding father of psychoanalysis didn't come to his findings merely by studying human minds rather he read their minds, but had to hide his powers under the rouse of science.

In this version of events, the story would take us to his childhood days in Austria as he struggles with having to hear voices in other people's heads and how it almost drove him mad until he figured out how he could channel his special abilities into his future profession.

5.  Mother Teresa

Let's not forget about the ladies. Mother Teresa is already a super hero through her life's work with helping the poor and sick, but this saint was much more than a charitable figure. The second coming of Christ came in the shape of a woman. The Catholic nun Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu struggled with her faith throughout her real-life as some have noted, but in our rewriting of history - her story is like a Greek tragedy where the human daughter of God rebels against her maker in light of the poverty and sickness she experiences around her.


Have your own story ideas for other historical figures? Post below. 


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