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Shia LaBeouf is out and Mark Wahlberg is in.  News of another Transformers sequel with a new leading man had the internet abuzz last week along with a new movie poster and logo.  Are you feeling the new logo and leading man?

While promoting Dark of the Moon in 2011, the star of the Transformers franchise Shia LaBeouf made it no secret he was not interested in another Hasbro installment of the money-making robots.  Enter Mark Wahlberg as the leading man of the yet to be titled Transformers 4 movie.  The rest of the cast has not been announced, but the release date has been set for July 4, 2014.  The only other sure thing about the Michael Bay sequel is a new logo and movie poster.  In the new movie poster, the familiar Transformers mask is replaced with the number 4 on its left side.    

The writer from the previous two incarnations, Ehren Kruger, is listed on IMDB as the writer for the fourth outing of the adventures of Optimus Prime and his gang of robotic aliens.  After three similar plots and action sequences, the franchise needed a reboot with new faces, and hopefully a fresh storyline.  Michael Bay recently told TMZ that the new film takes place four years after the destruction of Chicago in Dark of the Moon.

Are you liking the new Transformers movie poster and leading man?

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